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Living with COVID-19 ① Ian Beyer Arrived in Chongqing a Few Days Ago

By James, Deng Zhang,ICHONGQING|Feb 18,2020

Chongqing – During this COVID-19 epidemic, thousands of expats in Chongqing are performing self-quarantine at home.

How do they handle all the difficulties of this challenging time, are they safe and have got sufficient supports from the local government and communities? In this series ‘Living with COVID-19,’ iChongqing will reach out to them online and share their stories.

Today, we will talk with Ian Beyer from Australia. 

Over this latter half of February, Ian’s world is confined to the four walls of his company dormitory room. His meals are left outside the door, and medical personnel visit regularly to check on his condition. 

In our interview, Ian spoke to us through his laptop, the only access to the outside world for two weeks.

Ian Beyer is a quality control expert from Australia. He only arrived in the Bishan District of Chongqing a few days ago. However, quarantine rules demand that he must undergo strict quarantine for two weeks before he can start to work.

The fortnight of isolation means he must stay in his room and have no contact with anybody else. 

During the interview, Ian shares his experience of quarantine so far, the living conditions, daily routines, and his personal opinion on how the government is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

While you can keep yourself up to date on the latest figures on COVID-19 through iChongqing, the best way to sense the reality of day to day life is through the first-hand accounts of foreign residents and visitors. 

Follow other interviews with foreign residents in Chongqing, and well known Youtube vloggers commenting from abroad.

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