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Village Officials Turning into 'Courier Boys'丨COVID-19 Stories

By VIVIAN YAN|Mar 21,2022

Chongqing- At a dedicated quarantine facility in Xiyong Sub-district of Chongqing High-tech Zone on March 16, the "courier boy", Mr. He Rui sorted the packages and delivered them to the temporary quarantine rooms.

"Hey mate, here's your delivery," he shouted. 

He Rui is a 33-year-old village official working in Zitong Village of Zouma Town. (Photo/ Long Fan)

Mr. He is a 33-year-old village official working at Zitong Village of Zouma Town. He turned into a "courier boy" due to a temporary arrangement at a quarantine facility.

From the night of March 12, Mr. He, including his four colleagues from Zouma Town, were dispatched to the quarantine facility in Xiyong Sub-district. They were responsible for distributing supplies, including meals, and packages for the quarantined students.

The dedicated quarantine facility was converted from an enterprise workers' dormitory. In the B06 dormitory where He served, there were 240 "temporary tenants" living in quarantine rooms from the third to the 11th floor. They are students who came to Chongqing City Management College to take exams amid the latest COVID-19 outbreak in Chongqing.

There was a bench in front of each room. Usually, He put the package on the bench, and then knocked on the door to notify the "tenants."

Sweat poured from He's face through heavy protective clothing and fogged up goggles, yet piles of packages remained undelivered.

"Delivery is a tiring thing to do." He said and added, "But we are doing what we can do to support each other in the community."

Those "tenants" parcels were placed at the gate of the quarantine point and unitedly transferred to the designated site after disinfection and sterilization. The parcels would be sorted by floor and sent to the doorway of each room.

"We also created a WeChat group for more effective communication," said He. "In addition to keeping track of everyone's situation during the quarantine period, we would try our best to answer all questions and meet requests whenever they need." 

Wearing protective clothing, He went up and down the stairs hundreds of times a day.

Although he was exhausted, He still felt warm with the words of thanks and concern from the "tenants" in the WeChat group.

"Seeing drops on your forehead, I knew it must be really tiring to deliver parcels for us," said a "tenant" of Room 531. "Thank you so much. I would try not to shop online next time." 

The kind words touched He's heart. "I thought it was cute and moved when I saw this message," said He.


A medical worker pushes a senior in a wheelchair in the Chongqing Hi-tech Zone. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

(Cao Kezhi, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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