iChongqing would like to invite foreign friends and visitors to participate in #CaptureChongqing Photo & Video Competition. To enhance Chongqing’s image, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and gather stories from foreigners who:

•Have visited Chongqing, recently or in the past.

•Are living in Chongqing currently, or have lived here in the past

•Can find something related to Chongqing overseas, or near their home

This competition has been set up as a way to collect these stories, memories and thoughts about Chongqing, its landscape, scenery, culture and history.

We hope you will participate by sharing with us, photos or videos that you have taken in the past or produced especially for this competition.

The subject of the contest is about Chongqing, whether it is in the city or its surrounding areas or you have found a piece of Chongqing overseas. The content should be ideologically sound and positive and themes can include (but are not limited to), natural scenery, mountains and rivers, history, culture, construction and development, restaurants and food, the local people, even souvenirs, Chongqing restaurants overseas, Chongqing’s achievements, and Chongqing’s effort to opening up Western China.


Entering into this competition is free of charge, and the competition is open for foreigners who are currently living in Chongqing or have so in the past. Or foreign visitors who have been to Chongqing as well as foreigners who can find a piece of Chongqing anywhere overseas. This competition is not open for Chinese Nationals.

Each participant can share up to 5 photos and 1 video no more than 3 minutes in length. Photos can be uploaded to us through our website (address) and videos can be submitted by sharing links to YouTube or via cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Baidu Cloud etc.

When submitting your photos and video, please include an introduction to the work you are submitting, how you were inspired to create it, and what the city of Chongqing means to you, as well as an introduction about yourself.

Participants shall ensure that the submitted photos or videos are original. Works that are not original will not be selected, and related participants shall bear the corresponding legal results.

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  • 02VIDEOS

Each participant can enter no more than 5 photos for the contest. Each photo should be no larger than 20MB in size, as a .jpg file.

Photo and video submission will open on November 1st.

    Terms and Conditions of #CaptureChongqing Photo&Video Competition
    1. GENERAL

    1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the “#CaptureChongqing Photo&Video Competition”

    1.2 This Competition is organized by Chongqing International Media Center (iChongqing). Address: 416 Tongmao Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing, China.

    1.3 The prize is provided by Chongqing International Media Center.

    1.4 The Competition will run from November 1st, 2019 to November 30th, 2019 at 23:59 Beijing time.

    1.5 Participating in the Competition automatically declares the participant agrees with these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Chongqing International Media Center.


    2.1 Participation in this Competition is open for foreigners (non-Chinese nationals) who are currently living in Chongqing or have so in the past. Or foreign visitors who have been to Chongqing as well as foreigners (non-Chinese nationals) who can find a piece of Chongqing anywhere overseas. This competition is not open for Chinese Nationals.


    3.1 Participants cannot derive any rights from and/or receive compensation for participating in this Competition, other than as explicitly described in these Terms and Conditions.


    4.1 You can participate in the Competition through the competition page:


    5.1 From November 1st to 30th,it's the time to upload the photo or video works. From 00:00 on December 1st to 23:59 on 14th , the voting channel of the competition works will open. On December 16th, expert judges will score the works. Votes and expert judges' score each account for 50% of the final score. The winners will be selected based on the highest total score. The winners will be announced on December 20th, 2019 on, iChongqing social media as well as via emails to the winners directly.

    5.2 Two winners will be selected, one in each category (Photo and Video). The winner of the Photo Competition will receive a GoPro Hero 7 Black with Accessories. The winner of the video competition will receive a DJI Ronin SC three axis gimbal stabilizer.

    5.3 The winner will be notified by email they leave in the submission form while submitting the works.

    5.4 If the winner does not claim his or her prize within 10 days of publication, by responding to Chongqing International Media Center, a new winner will be appointed. As a result, all rights to any compensation will cease for the original winner, without any possibility of appeal.

    5.5 If the winners cannot prove that they are foreigners (non-Chinese nationals), and therefore fails to meet the conditions, the prize cannot be awarded. A new winner will be selected.

    5.6 The prize is non-transferable and cannot be resold, exchanged or paid out in cash.

    5.7 The winner will report and pay any potential gaming tax or import tax for receiving the prize.

    5.8 Chongqing International Media Center reserves the right to replace the prize without prior notice with a prize of equal value, if this is so required or deemed necessary by Chongqing Daily News Group, due to unforeseen circumstances.

    6. Copyright

    6.1 By entering the iChongqing Capture Chongqing competition, you retain the ownership of your work while granting Chongqing International Media Center (iChongqing) the unrestricted, royalty-free, perpetual right to use, reproduce, communicate, modify and display the works (in whole or in part) for any purpose without any fee or other form of compensation, and without further notification or permission.


    7.1 Chongqing International Media Center will ask the winner for necessary personal details required for executing the awards included in the prize. This includes a copy of the winning pair’s passports.

    7.2 Each participant warrants that any personal information that he or she communicates to Chongqing International Media Center within the framework of this Competition is correct, up to date and complete.

    7.3 By entering this information, the participant agrees that Chongqing International Media Center records this information in line with uses it to award the prize.


    8.1 Chongqing International Media Center and persons and third parties engaged by Chongqing International Media Center are not liable for any damage, costs or expenses related to the participation in the Competition and / or not being able to participate in the competition, whether or not awarding the prize, the acceptance of the prize or use of it.

    8.2 Participants agree that they participate in the competition at their own risk.

    8.3 Chongqing International Media Center is not liable for (the consequences of) any defects in the prize.

    8.4 By accepting the prize of the Competition, the winner declares his/her agreement with all articles from these Terms and Conditions.

    8.5 Printing or other similar errors cannot be invoked as grounds for additional obligations for Chongqing International Media Center.


    9.1 Chongqing International Media Center reserves the right to adopt or amend these Terms and Conditions during the course of the Competition or to terminate the Competition early if deemed necessary. Participants cannot derive any rights from this towards Chongqing International Media Center.

    9.2 This action is conducted on the basis of the code of conduct for promotional games of chance.