The symposium takes place in Beibei District of Chongqing from November 27 to 28, 2019. It includes the annual meeting of consultants, keynote speeches and activities. Its host is the Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Association.International top-notched experts have been invited to share and discuss five topics: training for professionals, the creation and operation of destinations for hydrotherapy tourism, recovery function of hot springs, services and the development of climatotherapy-related products by using evaluation models.

  • Bayan Tree

    Imagine a world where misty mountain peaks, karst caves, lush foliage, steep gorges and the hushed reverence of beautifully preserved history rise gently to enfold you in gracious welcome. This is Chongqing Beibei China. Nestled in the foothills of Jinyun Mountain Natural Reserve, Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei surrounds you in an ambience of spirituality, tranquillity and cultural charm. A true sanctuary for your senses, find respite in the curative waters of the ancient northern hot springs in Banyan Tree's first exclusive hot spring resort in Chongqing Beibei.

  • Bolian Resorts & Spa

    Bolian Hot Springs absorb the mountains verve, it contains volcanic rock mineral ingredients in spring. Surrounded by natural plants, this hot spring is rich with plant essence. The four seasons are filled with verdant trees and blossom fragrance. Bolian fully shows the Oriental culture and Zen culture in its resorts decoration, a perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture in an international way.

  • Tongjing Hot Spring

    Tongjing Hot Spring is known as the finest under heaven due to its clean water, water quality, and high temperature. The average of temperature is 35-52 degree. The spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements that help not only cosmetically but also health. It is said help with obesity in the meanwhile.

  • Tianci Hot Spring Resort

    Chongqing Tianci Hot Spring Resort located in Bishan Gold Mountain Forest Park, with surrounding sightseeing spots including natural hole, lake, and Mount Tiger. It has the largest forest in the resorts, and it also has China's largest hot springs pool, which is a natural ecological oxygen bar. Tourists could experience the refresh air and sense of nature when soaking in the spring.

  • Beity Hot Spring Resort

    Beity Hot Spring Resort located only 30 mins ride from downtown in Jiulongpo district. It has resort, hot spring center, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis center, and agricultural playground.

  • Ronghui Hot Spring Resort

    Rong Hui Hot Spring, located in downtown Chongqing, has a total area of 30,000 meter squares. It features with outdoor pools and indoor SPA, a hot spring water theme park, and massage therapy center. Commercial streets and luxury hotels are also components of the whole tourism hot spring town.

    The spring water in Ronghui originates 1,800 meters underground. The hot springs contains ten categories of natural minerals, which including pure magnesium sulfate, calcium sulfate, and etc. The water has great value in medical treatment, health and cosmetology.

  • Haitang Xiaoyue Hot Spring

    Haitang Xiaoyue Hot Spring located at the original site of Haitangyanyu, which is one of the twelve Bayu scenes. The water comes from 3,000 meters underground, and it is rich in calcium sulfate and magnesium sulfate. Featuring 52 natural hot springs pools, this hot spring also connects the Yangtze River and Nanshan Mountain.

  • Southern Springs Town

    Constructed in 1927, the Southern Hot Springs Park is located in the southern suburbs about 11 miles (18 kilometers) from downtown Chongqing. Originally, the southern hot springs were discovered in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and became a bath house in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). In contemporary Chongqing, it has been developed into a famous tourist attraction.

    The Southern Hot Springs Park has about 110 bathrooms and three swimming pools - outdoor and indoor swimming pools with one for children. The hot springs contain abundant minerals and taking a hot spring bath can rejuvenate body metabolism and cure some diseases, such as those related with skin, arthritis and rheumatism (Travel China Guide).

  • Kingrun-Yitang Nanshan Hot Spring

    This hot spring resort located in the Kingrun Golf Park on Nanshan Mountain, besides the spring pools, there is variety ways of entertainment and recreation. Childrens castle, swimming pool, and recreation center are good for a family time. Nanshan Mountain also has fresh air and beautiful views. Therefore, the Kingrun-Yitang Nanshan Hot Spring on Nanshan Mountain is a good choice for tourism.

  • East Folk Hot Spring

    East Folk Hot Spring area is a quality hot spring with rich hot spring resource. It contains cool springs and hot springs. People can enjoy it all year round. The highest water temperature reaches 52 degree. The water contains valuable medical and mineral components that good for health.

    In East Spring area, there are 24 renowned attractions, such as Hot Holes, Buddha Cave, Cliff Plank Road. There is folklore that both men and women take nude bath in this hot spring together without any bashfulness, which is a wonder with a history of over 600 years. With the change of secular attitude, tourists come here for completely being close to nature and away from the bustle and hustle city life.

The map of hot springs in Chongqing will brief you representative hots springs dotted in the city. We- iChongqing would like to introduce hot springs to you, with all that you can have a general view of abundant hot spring resources!