When it comes to summer, Chongqing has become a city of passion. Even though the heat makes people soaked with sweat, the seasonal activities and summer snacks attract visitors from around the world to experience the special summertime in Chongqing.
There are plenty of summer resorts if you want to do outdoor activities such as ancient towns, which can help escape the heat and different kinds of water rafting. These outdoor activities bring people a sense of excitement and coolness simultaneously.
No matter which way you prefer, here at iChongqing, you can find your favorite places and plan your perfect journey in the summer of Chongqing.


  • Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

    (Wulong District)

    Fairy Mountain (Xiannvshan) National Forest Park has a total area of 8,910 hectares. With an average altitude of 1,900 meters and the highest peak of 2,033 meters, the park has 100,000 mu (about 6666.67 hectares) of natural grassland. With its unique charming alpine grasslands, rare forest snowfields, and beautiful jungle landscape, it is known as 'the best pasture in Southern China' and 'Eastern Switzerland,' with charming and beautiful forest grassland scenery. The breeze of the vast forest in summer is cool and pleasant, and the average temperature of Fairy Mountain is 15 degrees, lower than the urban Chongqing, thus enjoying the reputation as a mountain city summer resort.

  • Black Mountain Valley

    (Wansheng District)

    Located at the border of Chongqing and Guizhou, Black Mountain Valley (Heishangu) was formed by a massive crustal movement that occurred about 70 million years ago. As a famous scenic spot in Chongqing and with green, low-carbon tourism and leisure resort, it's an excellent choice to escape the summer heat and enjoy cool weather during the heart of Chongqing's broiling summer. The scenic spot preserves one of the few intact sub-tropical and temperate natural ecosystems at the same latitude on earth, with 97% forest coverage and 110,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. It is a natural oxygen bar known as 'the beautiful canyon for health in Chongqing.' You can also go to Chongqing Dream Ordovician and experience 7 exciting high-altitude projects, as well as the Dream Theater and Cliff RV Campground, to give you a unique summer experience.

  • Yunyang Longgang(Dragon Jar)

    (Yunyang County)

    Located in the southeast corner of Yunyang County, Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar) National Geological Park integrates sinkhole, canyon, cave, alpine meadow, forest, and Tujia style. As the third deepest sinkhole in China and the fifth deepest in the world, the sinkhole is 335 meters deep, whose wall of the pit is formed by the cliff, with an inclination of nearly 90 degrees. It is an extremely rare phenomenon in the world, named Longgang, 'Dragon Jar' in Chinese. Every summer, Yunyang launches a music and beer carnival in Longgang, where the coolness of the scenery mixed with cold beer creates a different landscape.

  • Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area

    (Youyang County)

    Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area (Peach Blossom Spring Scenic Area) is 360 kilometers from the urban Chongqing, with a total area of 50 square kilometers. It integrates karst geological wonders, farming culture during the Qin and Jin Dynasties, Tujia folk culture, natural ecological culture, leisure and health culture, and sports and recreation culture. The average temperature here in summer is only about 25 degrees. Therefore, visitors should wear a long-sleeved shirt here.

  • Baili Zhuhai

    (Liangping District)

    Located in the middle of the Mingyue Mountain, Liangping Baili Zhuhai Scenic Area (a natural sea of bamboo sea for hundreds of miles) is the natural and humanistic transition zone in western China and the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River economic tourism belt. At the same time, it is the region of dense sceneries in Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guizhong, where landscape categories are complementary, and the Karst development is at the youth phase. Hence, it forms a unique landform with a valley sandwiched by two mountains, stretching for 100 miles, commonly known as the 100-kilometer Valley. Walking into the bamboo sea surrounded by lush greenery and choosing a resting place to stretch your body and mind is the most enjoyable thing. It is a poetic paradise for camping and cooling off. At Baili Zhuhai, the rising sun casts a rosy hue across the sky, and clouds enclose the forests in the morning during a magical twilight against the golden haze of evening. At night, the pale moon shines like a silvery hook, and a serenade of heaven's black supports a chorus of stars, with a beautiful voice from the chorus of insects and birds.

  • Simian Moutain

    (Jiangjin District)

    Located in the south of Jiangjin, Simian Mountain settles in the remaining parts of the northern slope of the DaLou Mountains on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is more than 100 kilometers from the urban Chongqing in the north and 60 kilometers from the urban city of Jiangjin in the west, adjacent to Yibin and Luzhou in Sichuan and Zunyi in Guizhou in the east. The mysterious Simian Mountain is an irreplaceable tourism resource in the Jiangjin District. Its advantaged virgin forest and rich and diverse biological resources make the scenic spot even more appealing.

  • Wushan Three Gorges

    (Wushan County)

    Wushan Three Gorges, with a total length of 50 kilometers, consists of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge, and Dicui Gorge. It has a pool of blue water, strange peaks, bamboo and trees, and the very interesting sound of apes. The summer in Wushan Three Gorges is lush and green, like a hazy painting slowly spread out. The environment with mountains and water makes camping a good choice.

  • Jinfo Mountain

    (Nanchuan District)

    Located in Nnchuan District, Jinfo Mountain owns steep mountains and deep canyons inside the nature reserve. With 108 large and small peaks, the mountain's main peak, Wind Blown Ridge, is 2,251 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the northeast section of the Dalou Mountains. The baseband vegetation of this area is the mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, with a forest cover of more than 85% and obvious vertical distribution with the large preserved area of virgin forest. When the golden sunset casts on the cliffs, the steep rocks seem like they wear a golden vestment, looking like a golden Buddha shining out a million channels of light beams. The whole mountain is spectacular and magnificent, and Jinfo Mountain is named after the scenery (Jinfo is the golden Buddha in Chinese). In the hot summer, the average temperature is about 26 degrees in Nanchuan city and 28 degrees in urban Chongqing, while it is only about 17 degrees in Jinfo Mountain. Therefore, Jinfo Mountian becomes the best choice for visitors to have a cool trip in the summer to escape the sizzling, sweltering heat.

  • Jindao Gorge Scenic Spot

    (Beibei District)

    Jindao Gorge in Beibei is a natural scenic area about an hour and a half drive from the urban center of Chongqing. It is known as the Shangri-La in the dream of Chongqing, a naturally formed pristine canyon landscape. In the Jindao Gorge Scenic Spot, there are sceneries such as deep pools of emerald green, yi xian tian (a narrow path sandwiched between two high cliffs, and people can only see a gap in the sky through the crevice between the two cliffs, just like a line), and also numerous waterfalls and cascades. In the deep canyon, the fresh spring water pours down from the mountains, creating emerald green moss on the narrow cliffs, composing a vividly beautiful picture of nature. Canyoneering is an exciting experience in the canyon rivers of the Jindao Gorge and is open to the public every summer. Participants must wear helmets, life jackets, and knee and elbow pads provided by the scenic spot and then move forward in the uneven stream. According to the geographical conditions of the stream, take swimming, rock climbing, abseiling (rappelling) etc., to move forward. It is a popular kind of extreme sport, particularly in summer months.

This map of spots will help cool you off in Chongqing under the heating weather, which including outdoor sports, scenic areas, and good places for family tours. iChongqing will introduce all you can do and experience around in this hot season!