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Travel in Wushan, Pleasure in Three Gorges

By RUI HU|Aug 06,2018


The second stop of the media event of The 9th China Yangtze River Three Gorges International Tourism Festival (the following abbreviation is the Festival) was in Wushan County— hometown of Wushan goddess. The trip lasted two days from July 27 to July 28. Wushan is located on the western entrance to the Wu Gorge in the Three Gorges region and there are many well-known attractions like Little Three Gorges, Goddess Peak, Dangyang Gorge, Dachang Ancient Town, and etc.

On July 27, journalists came to Chongqing Wushan Airport (the following abbreviation is Wushan Airport) as their first stop. Wushan Airport’s ground was broken in October 2015. With a total investment of 1.642 billion yuan, the airport is under construction. The terminal area is designed to meet the passenger throughput of 280,000 by 2020, cargo throughput of 1,200 tons, and 3100 aircraft   throughput. The trial flight will be carried out in the end of the year, and Wushan Airport will be officially opened next year.

journalists came to Chongqing Wushan Airport

Journalists came to Chongqing Wushan Airport

At an altitude of more than 1,770 meters, Wushan Airport is the highest airport in Chongqing. Standing on the airport, visitors will not only see the beautiful view of Wu Gorge, but also look the scenery of Qutang Gorge. All the journalists were amazed by the unique natural landscape of Wushan Airport, and they believed it would become a new attraction of the Three Gorges.

In order to facilitate more people to travel along Three Gorges, Wushan has made great efforts to build a transport hub system. Besides Wushan Airport, ground transportation is also under construction. In 2020, the Wushan to Dachang Expressway will be completed and open.

The next day, journalists came to Wushan Goddess Scenic Site with Huang Yong, the sub prefect of Wushan County. Wushan Goddess Scenic Site consists of Goddess Peak, Goddess Stream and Shennv (Goddess) Road with a total area of 132 square kilometers. It is the best place for hiking, boating and sightseeing as well as enjoying the Wu Gorge and red leaves in autumn.

Accompanied by Huang Yong, journalists visited the quaint Three Gorges Courtyard, a homestay hotel. Located in Yangliuping Township, Wushan County at an altitude of 900 meters, it is the central brand of rural tourism in Wushan. With the farming culture of the Three Gorges, it is distinctive from other hotels, which will attract different groups of tourists.

Wushan will hold the 12th Wushan International Red Leaves Festival during The Festival, and build a historical and cultural symbol of the Three Gorges with the outstanding tourism resources in the world.

Journalists visit Wushan Goddess Scenic Site

Journalists visit Wushan Goddess Scenic Site

Source: Chongqing City Media Group


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