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Big Data Intelligence Rejuvenates Motorcycle Manufacturer in Chongqing


Smart assembly line of Longcin Industries, Chongqing

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Chongqing is an important manufacturing base in western China, and Big Data Intelligence is giving the traditional industry a new lease of life. At present, Chongqing is implementing a developmental plan led by Big Data Intelligence.

Holding China Smart Expo, for Chongqing, will be an important step, and what concerns us is the industrial development sequence behind this international event. How can the traditional industry in Chongqing catch this opportunity to break the ice? How can the new cool techs make further development? How can the government attract business giants to invest in this land?


Longcin, a Chongqing motorcycle manufacturer now making car for BMW

On July 31, at the engine assembly production line of Longcin, which is a famous and long-history motorcycle manufacturer of Chongqing, a worker is matching the engine bearing. He scans QR codes on boxes of a series of components, and the bearing selection machine automatically pop up a match. The whole process only takes several seconds, which is much faster than the past that took more than 10 minutes.

“Intelligence promotes not only efficiency, but also accuracy.” Says Li Jun, the manager of this project. “Even for proficient workers, it is impossible to avoid mistakes. But now the intelligent production line has guaranteed the quality. ”

Longcin began cooperation with BMW on 650CC engine project in 2005. Seizing this opportunity, Longcin has taken a series of upgrading projects, including intelligent production line, new quality system. The cooperation with BMW also has expanded to the production of whole vehicle.


Source: CQNEWS


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