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21 Investment Proposals Have Been Signed for Intelligence Valley of China

By XINYI LI|Aug 29,2018

By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

During the Smart China Expo, the Economic and Technological Development Zone and Nan’an District sign 21 investment proposals, and most of them will set at Intelligence Valley of China (IVOC) in Chongqing with RMB 33.1 billion as the amount of investment.

In February 2018, IVOC formally established at Nan’an District in Chongqing, and many enterprises of Fortune Global 500, including Microsoft, Alibaba, Jingdong, etc., settled here in less than 6 months. 


Intelligence Valley of China (IVOC)

The IVOC locates at the technology core block in Nan’an District, covering 2.48 km². It is the integration of “Three clusters in one town”, which indicates the intelligent terminal industry cluster, intelligent operation platform cluster and intelligent manufacture innovation cluster, as well as the smart town.

The vigor of IVOC is from the 3 national industrial bases, 21national R&D institutes, and 1000 information companies. The National High-tech Base, National Mobile Communication High-tech Base, and National Base of Internet of Things locates in IVOC, as well as 6 national technology platforms, 15 national R&D platforms, 2 academician stations, 6 universities and 120,000 students. Otherwise, numerous information companies cluster here, and last year they achieved 100 billion yields and sold 160 million mobile devices.

In a short time, IVOC reveals the incredible power. On the day of its establishment, the contract value reached RMB 43.2 billion, and more than 600 big data intelligence industry enterprises, locates in Nan’an District, which achieved RMB 41 billion in the first half of this year.


The visitor and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the exhibition hall of IVOC

Intelligence gives infinite possibilities in the future. The short-term goal is to foster clusters of smart mobile device producers, smart operation platforms, and smart manufacturing companies. IVOC aims to bring the scale of intelligence industries to more than RMB 200 billion, attract 30 data platforms, establish 20 national R&D institutes, help at least 20 companies to appear on the market and attracts 200,000 senior talents. Furthermore, building a smart city which supports high-quality life becomes the long-term goal.

Share talents, fund, and the benefits of development become the requirement to achieve the long-term goal. IVOC will build 10 enterprise-university training institutes and a talents pool which can contain 60,000 technical elites. Meanwhile, setting up the RMB 10-billion IVOC development fund to share abundant resources and channels, as a capital library. Furthermore, to establish an ecosystem of development benefits sharing, IVOC will implement the “Three-Five Project”, which means offering 5-million-m² offices firstly, 5000 apartments for talents secondly, and selling to enterprises at the cost price after 5 years thirdly.

In the next decade, IVOC will become the key stronghold, which will lead the economic development of Nan’an District, and even be able to promote the innovative development within the larger scope.


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