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African animals make their home in Chongqing


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Chongqing, as a young international city, an increasing number of people from all over the world fall in love with, even settle down here. Recently, some “friends” from Africa came to Chongqing and made the new home here.

New Friends Arrived Chongqing Locajoy Theme Park

On September 25, 20 giraffes arrived Chongqing Locajoy Theme Park (重庆乐和乐都主题公园) at Yongchuan District. They took a flight from Africa to Fujian to take quarantine. After the quarantine period, they took the 40-hour bus to the park.


Mascots and workers are welcoming giraffes from Africa, and they give the “household register” as a gift for new friends

These giraffes contain 8 males and 12 females with 2 years old on average. To welcome new friends, 4 mascots of the theme park gave the “household register” as a gift for giraffes.


Workers from Africa are dancing for their “fellow-villagers”

It is a 2,000-km distance from Fujian to Chongqing. To keep the safety of giraffes, animal experts prepared so well to take care of them. There were 3 – 4 jin (1.5 – 2 kg) fodders including apples and carrots. Moreover, it could not allow brakes or sharp turns during the trip because of the large size of giraffes.


Giraffes in their new dwelling

After arriving at the park, more than 10 workers spent approximate 3 hours to carry 20 giraffes to their dwellings. The manager indicated that 20 giraffes could meet with visitors at the National Day (October 1).


More than 10 workers used a crane to carry giraffes into their new dwelling

Monkeys from Madagascar Celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chongqing


The monkeys (Lemur cattas) in Chongqing Yangjiaping Zoo

Besides giraffes, monkeys from Madagascar in Africa also came to Chongqing and celebrated this Mid-Autumn Festival here. These monkeys are Lemur cattas, settled down in Chongqing on September 22.


Children are cooking mooncakes for monkeys to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

To welcome new friends, children went to Chongqing Yangjiaping Zoo to cook mooncakes. Mooncakes were made of fruits like grapes and bananas, which are popular with monkeys. These 15 monkeys contain 9 males and 6 females, with some of them are mature.


Monkeys enjoy mooncakes

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