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Huangge Tree Image Exhibtion Warms the Chongqing People


The alameda of Huangge trees in a high school in Chongqing

By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

The First Huangge Tree Thematic Image Exhibition opened to the public at Zengjiayan Book Club, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, on September 29. With the theme of “Our Ficus Virens”, it presented more than 40 images. The exhibition will open until November this year for free.

“In the memories of every adults in Chongqing, there is a huangge tree. It is perseverant, tolerant  and unyielding. It grows in  every corner of the city, shielding us from wind and rain. It very common but great. Hope everybody in the city recall the good memories with the tree by the exhibition.” The exhibition curator Ms. Lvzhen said on the opening ceremony.


The First Huangge Tree Thematic Image Exhibition

The First Huangge Tree Thematic Image Exhibition

Huangge tree (ficus virens, whose common name is white fig) is the city tree of Chongqing, and the plants witness how Chongqing developed. It also is the connection between the city and people, as a strong attachment. The image exhibition started with the tree, presented stories about the city and people, who lived here.


The images on the exhibition

The 40 images were picked up from more than 200 submitted works in three months. The exhibition contains parts  as the ABC about the tree, old Chongqing city images and  life stories. The photos were taken from  corners of Chongqing, especially  alleys and footpaths.

Huangge Tree in Chongqing

The Huangge trees are everywhere in Chongqing, and are very fond of by the locals. People love the tree because it is strong, tolerant, as well as tenacious, which  symbolizes the characteristics of the locals in some degree. It is the city’s epitome also.



Ficus virens in a village

Children in Chongqing grow up under the Huangge tree, which are hidden among high buildings and large mansions. However, memories and stories about trees and people in Chongqing should be remembered.


Source: CQCB, Toutiao


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