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The Largest Indoor Arena in Chongqing Opens


By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Huaxi Live Banan International Cultural and Sports Center, the largest indoor arena in southwest China’s Chongqing, has opened on September 29, 2018.


Huaxi Live Banan International Cultural and Sports Center, the largest indoor arena in southwest China’s Chongqing, has opened since September 29, 2018. (Photo by Zhang Hao)

The arena with an investment of about RMB 3.9 billion (USD 567.9 million) has a construction area of approximately 600,000 m2. It is composed of many compound commercial and cultural venues, including Huaxi cultural and sports center, HI-PARK basketball park, HI-ZONE gymnasium, HI-UP business center, hotels and residence.

It is also the first general gymnasium that can contain over ten thousand people in Chongqing. The largest indoor arena in the municipality is available for NHL, NBA, CBA and other domestic and international events and entertainment performances. The cultural and sports center is a joint effort of architectural design institutes and elite designers in the United States, Beijing and Shanghai. In terms of sound system, screen setting, accessible facility and broadcast technology, it is on par with the international standard.

The cultural and sports center is equipped with funnel-shaped LED display, much larger than that in Huaxi Live Wukesong Arena, now known as Cadillac Center in Beijing. And it brings about brand new visual experiences. According to relevant person in charge, the display system deals with multitasks, including moments capture, shots replay, real-time live, scores and broadcast information, timing and scoring statistics and advertising.

Moreover, the gym is home to 58 boxes, which have sofas, televisions and other facilities.

At present, many companies have come to talk about cooperation on concerts and sports events. And many famous singers in China performed on Saturday. And International Curling Tournament follows.

“We are working on NBA cooperation and hope to bring in NBA preseason to Chongqing.” The person in charge added.

Source: Chongqing Daily


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