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Bookstore is not only a place for book sales, but also a symbol of culture, and a platform for communication. To experience relaxation, joy, and satisfaction in communication among readers and authors is the fundamental use of bookstore. There is some unique bookstores hide in the metropolis, and they reflect the contemporary culture of reading and lifestyles. Let us smell the rose and find the beauty of reading.

  1. Popular Bookmall(大众书局)

Found in 1927, Dazhong Shuju was established in Shanghai with publishing factory. After funding of the state, the label was re-used by founder Liao Bingwen in 2003. This China’s largest private operated bookstore was open in Nanjing, and it aims to be the most beautiful bookstore. With historical background, Popular Bookmall has its own features in traditional decoration and respects to Chinese culture. Hiding in the Danzishi Old Street, the surrounding environment enhances memories of the old time.

Address: 7 Qiantai Rd, Danzishi Old Street, Nan`an

Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00 daily

  1. Book Center of Chongqing(Book CoC 重庆购书中心)

As the largest bookstore in Chongqing, it has a huge collection of books include social science, children’s literature, and etc. There is convenient facility for readers to sit and relax. The whole bookstore has its category system that easy for searching. It is a great choice for you to go if you have particular text to find in mind, and it is a good place for serious readers.

Address: G floor, Building C, Longhu Times Paradise Walk, Yuzhong

Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00 daily

  1. NEW CITY (新山書屋)

NEW CITY would show you its distinguished characteristics in its decoration when you enter the store. You could find vinyl records, selected books in different categories, and have a cup of tea of coffee in relax area. A beautiful bookstore that is also a silent space in shopping center, and a nice place to escape from hustle and bustle.

Address: #201 2nd floor, 92 Jiazhou Rd, Xinguangli Mall, Jiangbei

Opening hours: 12:00 – 00:00 daily

  1. T&R Coffee(猛虎玫瑰)

A coffee shop, a flower shop, and a bookstore located on Beibin Rd, which is a multi-shop for spiritual relaxation. T&R refers to Tiger and Rose that demonstrated from Siegfried Sassoon(1886-1967)’s poem In me, past, present, future meet: in me the tiger sniffs the rose.

Address: 3-192 Beibinyi Rd, Jiangbei


Acknowledgements: 灵创摄影


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