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Chongqing Aims to Build World Renowned Lighting Landscape



Chongqing Municipal Government issued Chongqing Urban Comprehensive Management Improvement Action Plan (referred as Action Plan) recently. The Action Plan proposed to build a classic night lighting landscape. Highlighting the four elements- mountain, water, city and bridge, the city will be built as“Three-dimensional Mountain City”, “Riverside Downtown in Light and Shade ” and “Charming Capital of Bridges”. By 2022, Chongqing Night Scene will develop into an influential urban theme brand. Meanwhile, it will become domestic first-class and internationally renowned.

Take cruise and sight-seeing bus to appreciate the night scene

Taking the river cruise has always been one of the most recommended ways to enjoy the night scene in Chongqing. Liu Qi, director of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism, said that nowadays Chongqing not only has the renowned night view cruise but also launches the tour bus for appreciating the night scene.

River cruise along downtown Chongqing

River cruise along downtown Chongqing.

At present, the city sightseeing buses have 5 lines in the daytime and 2 night lines. The routes effectively cover the unique scenic spots, the multidimensional night scene of the “two rivers and four banks”, the ancient towns and streets, rail transit and cable-way attractions, etc. This enables visitors to enjoy a more convenient and pleasant tour in Chongqing.

Explore the old street in the fairy light

Cimilong Old Street and Sunshine 100 landscape lighting on Nanbin Road will show up in a brand new way. There is an important part of the landscape lighting upgrade project of “two rivers and four banks”.

On September 22 this year, Longmenhao Old Street opened for trial operation. The opening hours of the old street are from 19:30 to 22:00 every day. The piled architectures in the old street are lightened up brightly, harmoniously joins the gorgeous night view of Dongshuimen Bridge and Yuzhong Peninsula.

Longmenhao Old Street

Longmenhao Old Street

The Sunshine 100 area on Nanbin Road is located at the intersection of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. It faces the Chaotianmen Wharf across the river and boasts an excellent view of the city.

As a characteristic cultural tourism block project, Ciyun Old Street has 30 planned buildings under construction. The 4 buildings of the first phase on Mingxing Wharf have been completed and put into operation. In June this year, the building night lighting was also completed. ” To match the overall design style of the old street, we adapt LED energy-saving lamps whose color is mainly warm yellow. It helps to create the quiet and vintage atmosphere.” The person in charge of the project said.

Ciyun Old Street

Ciyun Old Street

Sandongqiao style street puts on hongyadong-like lighting

Beibin Road and Jiangbeizui CBD in Jiangbei District are important parts of the “two rivers and four banks” in downtown. The night scene here will be further upgraded with new elements added.

The Sandongqiao Style Street is built based on Sandongqiao site on Jiangbeizui, with the style of the traditional residential buildings in eastern Sichuan province. It serves as a commercial block by the river.

Sandongqiao Style Street design rendering

Sandongqiao Style Street design rendering

“The landscape lighting of Sandongqiao Style Street will be similar to that of Hongyadong (a popular scenic spot resembles the architecture in anime Spirited Away in downtown).” The person in charge of the project mentioned.

Enjoy the light show of Jiangbeizui CBD

After the upgrade, during the National Day, the Jiangbeizui landscape lighting put on the brand new show and was widely applauded. During the New Year’s Day, a New Year’s theme light show will be played, which will surely be amazing.

Jiangbeizui CBD

Jiangbeizui CBD

In the future, music will also be added to the Jiangbeizui light show. It will achieve a combination of scene and music to present a city night audio-visual feast.

Source: CQCB



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