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Ciqikou Ancient Town Shares New Interests with the Public


A small alley at Ciqikou Ancient Town

By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Ciqikou Ancient Town is an old town, which combines unique viewings and special food there. People from other places in China as well as overseas are interested in the ancient town. It is a hot sightseeing point in Chongqing. Recently, the ancient town shares new interests with the public, which attract many people to visit.

Incredible nights of Ciqikou Ancient Town

There are many people come to Chongqing to enjoy the night skyline of this city, Yikeshu Lookout Point, Hongyadong, and riverside road. However, there is an incredible place that people usually remember the daytime but forget the night there – Ciqikou Ancient Town.

Lights there are all yellow, which is a warm and vintage color. Lights can not only illume the ancient town but also highlight the cultural heritage. It becomes one of the best choices for nightlife to shop, forage, or tour in summer.


The super amazing night skyline at Ciqikou Ancient Town

Otherwise, the management department is going to improve the cultural industry there. To show a perfect viewing to visitors, the ancient town integrates old streets, historical old streets, as well as creative and innovative streets. Nowadays, Ciqikou Ancient Town combines the old and modern, bringing a new vision to the public.

New Experience on the Water

Otherwise, the sightseeing cruise, which connects two hot sightseeing points in Chongqing, will open this year. It is a new cruise from Chaotianmen harbor to Ciqikou Ancient Town. It also provides another different feeling of viewing the ancient town on the water. Three cruises are provided for the new route, and each cruise can carry 350 people. It is 16 km for the whole trip with taking 45 minutes to 1 hour for the one-way trip.


A new transportation to Ciqikou Ancient Town – cruise will open to the public this year

Moreover, the harbor at Ciqikou had been restored according to old photos about harbors of Chongqing. There is an area for resting and tourist center, covering in 3,375 m2. It is a vintage style platform with a boardwalk. There is also a carving in the cliff about Chuanjiang Haozi, which is work songs of boat trackers in Chongqing or Sichuan.

Source: CQCB


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