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Global Experts Reach Consensus on Thermalism Tourism in Chongqing

By CHENG KEQIAO|Oct 17,2018
15 experts have been appointed as the special counselors for hydrotherapy and climatotherapy tourism in Chongqing

15 experts of hot spring have been appointed as the special counselors for hydrotherapy and climatotherapy tourism in Chongqing.

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

West China’s Chongqing, known as the Global Hot Spring Capital, has just witnessed a grand event themed on thermalism tourism.

The First International Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism in China launched the opening ceremony October 16 in Chongqing’s northern Beibei District. Conferences and other activities will be held during the 16th and the 17th.

At the opening ceremony, the World Thermalism Hydrotherapy & Climatotherapy Tourism Chongqing Consensus (hereinafter referred to as the Consensus), supported by Chongqing Municipal People’s Government and initiated by FEMTEC, China Hot Spring Tourism Association, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Meteorological Bureau of Chongqing, Beibei District People’s Government of Chongqing City, and Chongqing Hot Spring Tour Association, was released.


New concept introduced to hot spring industry

Starting from mentioning geothermal resources, the Consensus has made a comparison of hot springs in the Eastern and the Western cultural contexts, and reached the conclusion of the importance of hot springs for human health.

Meanwhile, the Consensus has introduced a new concept of “medical resource”. For instance, balneotherapy and thermalism (the science of the use of hot water to improve health) have been widely applied and accepted as medical resources in Europe. While in the East, you can find the “onsen cure” in Japan, or other traditional concepts in China.

The medical concept of hot springs has actually enriched the whole hot spring industry. It aims accurately at the health issues which the modern society worries about.


Chongqing aiming at establishing World Hot Spring Center

Extremely abundant in geothermal resources, Chongqing is the ideal choice to turn itself into a world-class hot springs tour city and thermalism hydrotherapy resort. Besides this, the beautiful natural landscapes, time-honored history and cultures, potential touristic market, diversified climates, and convenient transport systems have made the city more competitive.

By virtue of mutual efforts and global accumulated resources, Chongqing is confident in establishing the World Hot Spring Center. It will be a combination of hot springs and climatotherapy, and an integrated development of hot springs and cultural tours. This will serve as an important example to other sites both in China and the world.

The history of geothermal development in Chongqing can date back to the 5th century. Beibei District, among others, has been a highlight for hot spring tours. Actually, the oldest hot spring in Chongqing is located in Beibei.


A further step of Chongqing towards the world

By hosting this symposium, Chongqing, and especially Beibei District, will engage more in the global hot spring industry. It will also be a great opportunity for the city to promote its tourism and other related businesses.

As an international event, over 350 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, media and relevant participants from China, Italy, Russia, Japan, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland and other countries have gathered in the Global Hot Spring Capital to discuss and make suggestions for these issues.

At the symposium, six projects with a total of RMB 11.7 billion have been signed. Particularly, Beibei District has taken five of them. These projects will cover not only the hot spring resorts themselves, but also the related facilities and services, such as infrastructure, research center, health management program, etc.


For more information about the Symposium, please visit the article.


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