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Find A New Sightseeing of Chongqing Rail Transit


By Chen Keqiao Editor

There is a new sightseeing of the CRT(Chongqing Rail Transit) in the city near the place where people crowed to see the train go through a tall building. The newly renovated Handprint Commemorative Wall Square for “CRT Builders” has made available to the public recently.  A group of distinguished guests visited the square,  500 meters away from the crowded viewing platform at Liziba Station of Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT) Line 2, outside Fotuguan Station.


handprint wallchongqing monorail train handprints wall 

On the afternoon of October 31,  guests  including Mr. Michihiko Komatsu, Consul General of Japan’s Consulate General in Chongqing, Mr. Tang Wen, Deputy Director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Deng Guanghuai, Deputy Mayor of Yuzhong District, and Principal of CRT Group, visited the renewed Handprint Commemorative Wall Square.

In 2005, people built a  Handprint Commemorative Wall, also known as a Monument to “Memorabilia of CRT Construction”. It is to commemorate the contributions from builders of CRT Line 2—Chongqing’s first rail transit line, along with a group of Japanese people who have offered technical support for the construction.

People rarely know this Commemorative Wall, which is hidden in the parking lot for years. It finally reopened after two-month renovation. The CRT company plans to set up guide boards around Fotuguan Station, in order for more Chongqing’s citizens and visitors to visit it, which symbolizes China-Japan friendship and cooperation.



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