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Chongqing Tianci Hot Springs will build a town with Italian Vicarello

By YULING CHEN|Nov 06,2018

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Chongqing Tianci Hot Springs signed a tourism program purchase agreement, worth USD 18 million, with Vicarello, an Italy-based agriculture company in Shanghai, on November 5, 2018. The agreement is a result at the Promotion Forum on Chongqing as the Pioneer of Opening-up in Hinterland China, a sub-event of the first China International Import Expo on its opening day.


The National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, the venue for the China International Import Expo (Photo by Fan Jun)

Chongqing Tianci Hot Springs and Italian Vicarello are jointly to build 100,000 m2  town

Chongqing Tianci Hot Springs and Italian Vicarello are planned to build a town, covering an area of  100,000 m2, in Trevignano. Vicarello deals with olive oil, grain, cattle, woods and etc.

 The town-to-be-built sits in the northwest of Lake Bracciano, 40 km away from Italy’s capital of Rome. It consists of a lake, a bathing spot, many buildings, and olives trees.

According to the introduction, the bathing spot of Apollinari used to be the first hydrotherapy place in Rome. Bracciano, drinking water source for Rome, assures its lake as one of the cleanest lakes in Italy, due to thirty-year-old contamination control efforts. Moreover, farmland, forest, and buildings with the project cover an area of 1015 hectares.

Tianci Hot Springs is going to build finished factories for olive oil, said Gong Longhai, vice general manager of the company, and added that purchasing olive trees of the 18th century is also in the next-step plan. The company is committed to producing high-end olive oil and finished consumer goods are available globally.

Next year, visitors can go to Vicarello to eat hot pot

Chongqing Tianci Hot Springs will cooperate with Vicarello for project development after the purchase agreement. According to the plan, the company is to open a hot pot restaurant in the business street with Rome style. The three-floor hot pot restaurant started decoration and is expected to open next year.


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