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Wushan Will Build the "Circle Line for Sceneries of the Three Gorges" for Land Tour

By XINYI LI|Nov 08,2018

Wushan Goddess Scenic Area will open the first land-river travel route, which is the Northern Circle Line, in order to embrace the Wushan International Red Leaves Festival

By Xinyi, EDITOR

The Wushan Red Leaf Festival (known as Maple Leaf Festival) comes again. The Wushan International Red Leaves Festival will open on November 16. The festival embraces a large group of tourists. Wushan Goddess Scenic Area will launch the first land-river travel route, which is the Northern Circle Line. Otherwise, the route will welcome tourists before the festival. The land-based tour of the Three Gorges starts from this line. In addition, it locates inside the Goddess Peak Scenic Area.


Along with the circle line, amazing nature is in visitors' eyes

The Northern Circle Line will open to the public after completion. Afterward, tourists can enter through self-driving, and take photos along the line. Upon 400 m from the sea level, they can also appreciate the magnificent peaks surrounded by mist under the blue sky. It is certainly pleasant to breathe in the rare forest oxygen-bar.

Details of the Circle Line for Land-Based Tour

Local people in Wushan are really imaginative. They will build the “World’s Largest Camera” here, also known as the “Circle Line for Sceneries of the Three Gorges”. This three-story building is 21 meters tall. The first floor serves as an exhibition space for artistic works. The second is designed for the real-time imaging of large-format pinhole cameras and tourists’ works. The third is the leisure space with tea and coffee, as well as the photography area.

Figuratively speaking, the viewing platform is the “camera”, the glass window is the “camera lens”, and stairs are the “roll film”. In general, inspired by the camera, the indoor viewing platform can accommodate over 100 tourists.


There is a lookout point for viewing the nature there

The 23-km-long Northern Circle Line connects Lishu Valley of Goddess Peak Scenic Area with Wangxia Visitor Center of Wushan Goddess Scenic Area. The tourist center provides a parking area, which contains more than 100 private cars. The hiking trail is built here, about one kilometer long.

There are five viewing platforms on the trail. Jixian Peak, a jagged peak considered as one of the 12 peaks on Wushan Mountain, is available on each platform. Its crest, with a natural split, seems like the open scissors. The most gorgeous landscape is the river water of the Wu Gorge, like a green ribbon. Red leaves grow on both banks, and gradually trees are dressed in beautiful colors. Just a moment, the cruise ship comes from far to near, making us admire the majesty of nature and meanwhile feel the insignificance of humans.


The lookout point will provide the viewing angle of Jixian Peak

Recommended Route:

Start from Wushan County → Longmen Bridge → reach Qima Mountain along S103 → enter the Northern Circle Line of Wushan Goddess Scenic Area → Wangxia Visitor Center → Wangxia Cableway → Goddess Temple → walk to the tour terminal of Goddess Peak along the trail → return to the county by boat

Source: Bai Jiahao


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