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Global Travel Agents Visit World Heritage in Chongqing

By YULING CHEN|Nov 15,2018

By Yuling Chen

From November 9 to 13, 2018, about 400 travel agents went for four boutique tour routes in Chongqing, part of which was about world heritage in the city.

That was a tour in Chongqing and a gain in vision, from downtown of the mountain city to the Yangtze River Three Gorges cruises, from world cultural heritage to natural.  All these participants have appreciated local amazing natural scenery, experienced diversified folk customs and time-honored culture in the municipality in southwest China.

On November 12, global travel agents went to Dazu Rock Carving, a world heritage site since December, 1999. They also had a tour of exquisite grotto at the Baoding Mountain and a visit of history in the Diaoyu Fortress (Diaoyucheng in Chinese) as an ancient battlefield site on the same day. And the Baiheliang Underwater Museum (literally the White Crane Ridge) was their next stop on November 13.


On November 12, global travel agents went to Chongqing Dazu Rock Carving, a world heritage site since December, 1999.

What did travel agents say about Chongqing?

Charansharma and Gurung Narayan from Nepal agreed that the world heritage route including Dazu Rock carvings is attractive for Nepalese for its Buddhism charm. They said that, when they came back to  their country, introducing the world heritage site to more friends was a must-do.

Dazu Rock Carvings and the Diaoyu Fortress embodies the long-standing Confucianism and Daoism. Wei Jingxian from Shanghai said and added that Dazu Rock Carvings is not only about incredible craftsmanship, but also about profound Chinese culture.

Zhu Wenxin from Beijing marveled at the ancient battlefield site for its historic significance and magnificence. Moreover, Dazu Rock Carvings is full of natural elements and that wins itself as world natural heritage.

Shan Yuhuan from Guangzhou believed that Dazu Rock Carvings is a waking Buddhism museum and a textbook. And to some extent, the Diaoyu Fortress has changed China’s history.

About Dazu Rock Carvings

Dazu Rock Carvings is a world cultural heritage site and one of the eight famous Buddhist carvings in the world. It is the catch-all term of all Buddhist carvings located in Dazu district of the southwest part of China. It is an integration of Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism.


 About the Baiheliang Underwater Museum (White Crane Ridge)

In the territory of Chongqing Yangtze River and Wujiang River Interchange was an old city – ancient capital of Cuba Fuling. There was a long 1600 meters north of the Yangtze River in Fuling, with an average width of 15 meters of natural stone ones, because the early years often cluster beam crane wings play, so called White Crane. Baiheliang (literally meaning the “White Crane Ridge”) is an archaeological site in the north of Fuling District that has been submerged underwater due to the building of the Three Gorges Dam. Stone inscription carved in Tang Guangde beginning Dynasty (AD 763) before the existing inscriptions.


About the Diaoyu Fortress (Diaoyucheng)

The Diaoyu Fortress locates in Hechuan District, also named Dianjiang in ancient times. It used to be the capital of kingdom Ba during the Period of the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States. Loftily situated in the Fishing hill to the south side of Jialing River and surrounded by Jialing River, Fujiang River, and Qujiang River, Diaoyucheng City was constructed on steep cliffs. The wall of the city was piled up by huge stones, serving as the firm barricade against enemies’ attack.


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