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Video: Chongqing is my First Love in China

By DONGYAN CHEN|Nov 15,2018

By Parker Walker, Photo/video by Wang Yiling

“Hot, hot, hot”Belarousian tourism ambassador Olga described Chongqing in three words.  “Belarousian people can’t eat spicy food, so they’ll need to prepare before they come, or maybe a Belarusian restaurant could be opened here”.  Olga hopes to help promote tourism between her homeland of Belarus and the secret metropolis of China, Chongqing, and the Belarusian Tourism and Cultural Products Communication Center is going to help her to do that. 

"Chongqing was the first city I stayed in China, although I went to Beijing and other cities, the unique view of Chongqing remains in my mind. It's my first love in China."Olga gave an address on the conference.

“Chongqing is very hot.  Belarus is cold in the winter and has many great skiing slopes and ways to have fun in the cold, so that could attract people from Chongqing”, she said.  Olga has been in China for 8 years and speaks fluent Chinese, has lived mainly in Beijing, but has recently moved to Chongqing in the hopes of promoting tourism between the two countries. 

 “We are starting by exchanging food products between Belarus and Chongqing, because in Belarus we have a saying “you are what you eat”.



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