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Red Leaf and Green Water Capture the Beauty of Chongqing

By YULING CHEN|Nov 21,2018

By Yuling Chen

Where to enjoy the natural beauty with red leaf and green water outside downtown Chongqing in southwest China? Wushan County offers an exceptional answer.

The 12th Yangtze River Three Gorges (Wushan) International Red Leaf Festival, starting from November 16, 2018, brings about more than 20 wonderful sub-events in different forms and with various contents. The festival opening ceremony took place on the evening of November 16. It presented all-season tourism via four chapters of spring, summer, fall and winter.


The 12th Yangtze River Three Gorges (Wushan) International Red Leaf Festival opens in Wushan County, Chongqing, on November 16, 2018.

Time and ways to appreciate red leaves in Wushan County, Chongqing

“The best period to appreciate red leaves in Wushan County extends from now to the late December, altogether 45 days,”Cao Bangxing, Wushan County Head, said at the festival press conference in the county on November 9, 2018. There are a bunch of cultural and tourism activities for visitors to enjoy as they marvel at the red leaf and green water by the Yangtze River. Based on local conditions, 6 boutique lines are recommended. In addition, the quality improvement of red leaves in Wushan is supported by the drip irrigation technology.

You can enjoy you red leaf trip in Chongqing Wushan three ways: view lookouts, a 2200-meter-long ally and the cableway.

There are many highlights, including cliff elevator climbing challenge, folk song invitational contest, and a grilled fish feast. Shennv Sightseeing Elevator is 190m (623ft) high and just opened during the red leaf festival. Climbers challenge to climb the highest cliff elevator in the world. What a adventure!


You can enjoy you red leaf trip in Chongqing Wushan by three ways and cableway is one of them.

Chongqing Wushan aims to forge the band of red leaf.

“We are going to build red leaf expo and upgrade relevant cultural forms of business operation. We hope to turn red leaves in the Three Gorges area into a showpiece for beautiful China.” the county head introduced.

In order to forge the band of red leaf, Wushan County endeavors under the guidance that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. A newly added area of about 17,000 Mu (11.3 km2) this year is home to many kinds of plants with red foliage, including smoke trees and maples. Surrounded by these plants are the Yangtze River, countryside roads and villages.


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