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Chongqing Qijiang Prepares Perfect Winter Trips for You!


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

In early winter, people enjoy the picturesque scenery of Qijaing, a beautiful county in Chongqing. They watch the red autumnal leaves and daisies, eat sweet oranges and delicious mutton. Four seasons come and go, and we get to know that winter can still be energetic and joyful. Qijiang has prepared perfect winter trips for all visitors there!


It is colorful in winter of Qijiang

Watch the Red Autumnal Leaves

As the weather turns colder, the red autumnal leaves in Shaxi River Park turn from light yellow to dark red. They are well arranged, just like a natural painting.

Not far from the red leaves park, the winter daisies are also blossoming, with red and yellow setting off each other. Due to the bright colors, the beauty is much intensified.


Maple leaves at Shaxi River Park

Why not taking half a day off to walk around Shaxi Park? You can find the beauty next to you amidst the mountains and rivers.

Eat Fruits

In winter, there is no fragrant flower or lovely birds as the spring has, no grand lightening or thunders as summer has, no solid and attractive fruits as autumn has. However, there is inclusive beauty that winter devotes to nature.


Fengguan Sweet Oranges

When winter comes, the Fengguan Sweet Oranges in Yongcheng Chenglv Orchard hanging on the branches are golden under the sunshine and attractive to visitors.

When you are in the Orchard, you can smell the fragrance around you, and you can also pick up the sweet oranges on your own and taste them. It is a great attraction for those living in urban areas.


“When the chilly wind blows, the mutton becomes fatter.” If we do not eat mutton in winter, it will be a great pity. Speaking of mutton, the Anwen Mutton of the Qi River is never going to be ignored.


Anwen Mutton

Anwen Mutton enjoyed great reputation in late Ming and early Qing dynasties, especially in areas around Qi River. Its rich and white soup and its fragrant and soft taste always attract numerous visitors to come for a taste. The incredible taste will enrich winter trips.

Source: Travel in Qijiang


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