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Fly with Chongqing to the World, She Won Free Tickets to Paris

By YULING CHEN|Dec 08,2018

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

“Wow! It’s me, the winner for two free round-tickets from Chongqing to Paris. How lucky I am!” a lady hailed after the hostess announced the winner number, surrounded by journalists and jealous competitors. “Fly with Chongqing”, an event to promote Chongqing’s international air routes kicked off in Jiangbei District on November 8, 2018. 

The winner for two free round trip tickets from Chongqing to Paris shows her luck to others. (Photo by Wang Yiling)

The event has been organized by Hainan Airlines and Chongqing Daily News Group. It brought many citizens to participate its launch ceremony, themed photograph exhibition, DIY, free tickets competition and other activities, via which they knew that Chongqing, a southwestern city in China, is more connected with the rest world due to its constantly increasing international air routes.

Chongqing will launch a non-stop flight to France on December 19. Meanwhile, it is the first passenger air route from Chongqing to France. As of now, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport has 77 international routes, and the number will be increased to 100 by 2020.

Launch ceremony of Fly with Chongqing. (Photo by Wang Yiling)

Photos tell the story of Chongqing’s international air routes.

The themed photograph exhibition displayed the development history of Chongqing’s international air routes by three main contents, namely the air routes that connect Chongqing with many international destinations, crew members and big days for the municipal international air routes.

fly with chongqing

The themed photo exhibition (Photo by Wang Yiling)

Citizens, young and old, enjoyed  at the Chongqing fight campaign

In the experience area, citizens made  unique aircraft models from different materials. In addition, a professor of Southwestern University taught children how to make and showed them techniques behind. Besides, the paper plane making contest took place in the afternoon and the contest attracted many children. Besides,  visitors smiled a lot as they took part in the photo shooting activity at the scene, and printed the pictures for free.

plane model making

Children are enjoying paper-plane making. (Photo by Wang Yiling)

While for the foodies, the delicacy area was a popular, and yes, there was hot pot sources in the model of an airplane!


hot pot sources in airplane shape

Airplane-shaped hot pot ingredients (Photo by Wang Yiling)


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