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Chongqing Airport Group Launches New Services —"Enjoy Your Flight" Series

By XINYI LI|Dec 15,2018

By Xinyi Li, EDITOR 

On December 11, Chongqing Airport Group launched “Fly Chongqing—Enjoy Your Flight” service to the public. In the future, passengers of the domestic flight departing from Terminal 3 can purchase business travel service products. Meanwhile, passengers enjoy more convenient and pleasant air services.


Service counter for "Enjoy Your Flight" at Terminal 3

What is “Fly Chongqing—Enjoy Your Flight”?

According to Chongqing Airport Group, it includes some convenient services for the public. For example, they have valet parking, quick boarding, special lounge, airport pick-up and drop-off for the elderly and children. Meanwhile, the airport also provides airport pick-up for conferences within the jurisdiction of Chongqing Airport. In addition, a range of services will support the quick boarding, like assistance in handling boarding passes, baggage check-in, and security check. Furthermore, “The ‘Enjoy Your Flight’ special guidance signs locate inside and outside the Terminal 3 of Chongqing Airport. This will guide passengers to relevant service stations”, said a reporter at the scene.

How Can “Fly Chongqing—Enjoy Your Flight” Help Visitors?

“Some passengers arrive at the airport a few minutes close to stopping check-in. If lots of rush passengers arrived at the same time, the emergency passage could not effectively solve the problem. Therefore, services with differentiation can further save passengers’ time. Compared with the normal check-in procedures, about 20 to 30 minutes can be saved.” According to the principal, quick boarding service currently charges for RMB 38/person. The charge contains special assistance for check-in procedures, dedicated security channels to quickly pass through the security check. For businessmen or rush passengers, or those unfamiliar with the airport, it can make the trip smoother.


The special security check channel can increase the efficiency of security check

The reporter learned that the “Enjoy Your Flight” service launched by Chongqing Airport Group can be purchased through online and offline channels. In addition to the WeChat service account, there are six offline entity locations in the airport. Chongqing Airport Group suggests that passengers purchase relevant services one hour before the flight takes off in order for a better experience. For more information, you can follow the WeChat official account or call the 24-hour service hotline of Chongqing Airport Group on 966666.

Source: CQNEWS


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