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Gorgeous! Lights for Spring Festival Glowing in Chongqing Downtown


By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

The lights for the Spring Festival are glowing in Guanyinqiao, a populous business circle in downtown Chongqing, China.


China’s Spring Festival is coming and lights adding the festive atmosphere are glowing. (Photo by Liu Wenbo)                                                                               

the first Spring Festival lighting in Chongqing

On December 16, the Lighting Project for the Spring Festival in 2019 lit up Guanyinqiao in Chongqing. This project is the earliest one that has lit up earliest in central Chongqing. Themed with “Chongqing with natural beauty celebrates the Spring Festival with a blessing”, the lights have combined with modern urbanization, displaying a joyful New Year with family reunions.

Varied lanterns and colored lights scattered in the tree, like stars, shine with dazzling brilliance. Other street lights are also distinctive, echoing each other.

According to the relevant principal of Management Office of Guanyinqiao Business Circle, there is the logo—“Take a Tour in Chongqing, Enjoy Yourself in Jiangbei” in the northern and southern sides of Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street, acting in coordination.

In addition, the street is decorated with blooming flowers and stars, to create a festive atmosphere. Chongqing’s city image has also been subtly integrated with those lights.

On the landscape green belt of Jialing Park, the charming lights attract numerous citizens and tourists to take photos. This is a highlight of those lights here. Composed of the large sphere and flower-shaped palace lanterns, as well as elaborate light sculptures, the lighting group generates a “Starry Night” on the street.

“So beautiful!” Li Jianwei from Kunming took lots of photos during his visit in Chongqing and receiving a number of “likes” on the Moments. Surrounded by those bright lights, citizens and visitors are also lingering on with no thought of leaving.

Source: CQCB


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