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Recommended Routes to Have Folk Spring Festival Tours


By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Spring Festival is coming. If you are thinking about where to experience a countryside tour, here are some “boutique routes” for you. 

On December 20, 2018, a press conference on folk Spring Festival took place in Chongqing, Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality.  37 agriculture-related districts and counties, as well as the Department of Agriculture of Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, detailed altogether 63 boutique routes with 225 leisure spots. Along these routes, tourists can experience folk customs, go sightseeing, pick fruits and enjoy the snow. Moreover, the festival will last from December 2018 to the end of February 2019.

Folk Culture

On December 22, the Second Brown Sugar Cultural Tourism Festival will kick off in Yunyang County. There will be new varieties, including ginger candy and chrysanthemum candy. In addition, districts and counties, based on platforms like towns, fairs and tourism festivals, organize a series of wonderful and interesting folk cultural activities. Therefore, citizens can enjoy numerous performances, such as “Tongliang Dragon Dance”, “Xiushan Festive Lantern”, “Tujia Hand-Waving Dance”, “Miao Dance”, “Qianjiang Houhe Guxi (a traditional drama)” and “Fuling Jiaoshi Mountain Song”.

Tongliang Dragon Dance

Tongliang Dragon Dance


There is a large number of delightful and refreshing wintersweet (whose scientific name is Chimonanthus praecox) planted in Chongqing’s Nan’an District, Tongliang District, etc. Besides wandering in the sea of flowers at the base, it is also an ideal choice to taste farm specialties. Furthermore, there are also wintersweet products, such as fresh-cut flowers, dried flowers, scented tea, and cosmetics made from the flowers. Known as “China’s Hometown of Wintersweet”, Jingguan Town of Beibei District, serves as one of the three wintersweet planting bases in China. It enjoys over 500 years of history in planting wintersweet. Century-old wintersweet trees are visible across the town, which has over 100 varieties of wintersweet covering a cultivation area of more than 10,000 Mu (about 6.67 km2).



The sightseeing route for “Three Gorges Orange Sea”—There has been 3.4 million Mu (about 2266.6 km2) of citrus in Chongqing. The mid-maturation citrus like Fengjie navel orange is in season. Other sightseeing routes include Tea Mountain and Bamboo Sea in Yongchuan, Baili Bamboo Sea in Liangping County, Fenghuang Sea of Flowers in Shapingba District, Chinese Flowering Crabapple in Changshou District, Xueyu Mountain in Fengdu County, as well as the Qianye Meadow covered by firethorn.

Fruit-Picking Tour 

There are a variety of oranges, including Wanzhou Rose Orange, Jiangjin Selenium-Rich Orange, and the Newhall Navel Orange produced from Wushan County and Yunyang County, the Tarocco Blood Orange from Qingliu Town (Rongchang District), Qitang Town (Bishan District) and banks of the Changshou Lake, “Loyal Orange” of Zhong County, Dadukou Tiaodeng Orange, Dazu Little Orange, as well as the hybrid oranges from Yongcheng Town (Qijiang District) and Huilong Town (Liangping County). “Fengjie Navel Orange” has been available since December 15, and therefore, tourists can also enjoy Return to the Three Gorges, a large-scale live  show in Baidicheng Scenic Area.

Strawberry picking is mainly in Jiulongpo District, Yubei District and Tongliang District.  


Vendors are happy for their fruitful oranges. (Photo by Ye Juan)

Joyful Trip 

Chongqing’s alpine snow spots are distributed in districts and counties such as Qianjiang District, Nanchuan District, Wulong County, Shizhu County and Wansheng District. In addition to appreciating the beauty of snow, tourists can also enjoy skiing in places like Shizhu Baitianchi Ski Resort, Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park, Mount Jinfo and Wulong Fairy Mountain. They can also take a bath in hot spring in such places as Jiulongpo District, Beibei District, Yubei District, Banan District and Tongliang District.


He is enjoying skiing (Photo by Bao Jingwen)

Foodie Tour

Chengkou Smoked Bacon is a household name in Chongqing. Besides it, there are other preserved foods including the smoked bacon, pig’s trotters and pork chop from Wushan County, Wuxi County and Fengjie County, Qiangjiang Tujia Preserved Meat and Yongchuan Laisu Cured Meat. Moreover, the one-month Fourth Dazu Black Goat Gourmet Festival will open in Changzhou Old Town on December 21, 2018.

Source: CQCB


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