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Glimpse of the Good Life: Eating With Neighbors at 100 Meter-Long Table

By YULING CHEN|Dec 27,2018

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

The year 2019 is coming and eating with families and friends is tradition in China.

To celebrate the coming New Year, Yulong Town in Dazu District of Chongqing has prepared a long-table feast for community residents on November 26, 2018. It attracted over 240 people of Yulong Town to share the dinner together. They reviewed the satisfactory changes the town has witnessed over the past four decades of China’s reform and opening-up, enjoyed the harmony and friendship and welcomed the arrival of the New Year’s Day.

eating together

People are eating at a hundred-meter-long table in Chongqing, China. (Photo by Deng Xiaoqiang)

A long-table feast for community residents to share happiness

At dusk, the bar-shaped dining table, more than 100 meters long, was set. It looked spectacular. Eaters from 11 villages (communities) of Yulong Town and the government departments took their seats on both sides of the table.

This meal cost  RMB 10 per person. The dishes included locally produced fish and meat as well as such home cooked food as bean curd, bean vermicelli, Chinese cabbage, and spinach from these villages. Additionally, each table, served with a proper amount of dishes, stayed in line with the principle of frugality, a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.

When the feast started, everyone was enjoying the soup pots and talking about the changes in their villages (communities) brought by the four decades of reform and opening-up. Believing that life was getting richer and richer, they were full of confidence that the future life will be happier.

Besides, they were determined to fully support and participate in the construction of the characteristic tourist town. Everyone toasted for a harmonious and friendly neighborhood relationship, and what arose spontaneously were their happiness and pride from the inner heart.

“We hold the long-table feast as a traditional folk activity to celebrate the New Year together with our people. Then, the cohesiveness of the people will be strengthened, and the ties between the officials and people will get closer,” a participant said. Simple as the food was, it was full of festive atmosphere.

Moreover, the long-table feast will serve as one of the characteristic folk activities of this tourist town.

Source: CQNEWS


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