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Pictures Tell Great Changes of Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing

By YULING CHEN|Dec 28,2018

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Ciqikou is an ancient village set on the side of the Jialing River, one of the two rivers that run through the heart of Chongqing, the municipality in Southwest China. 

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou Ancient Town

In Ciqikou Ancient Town, the old street was covered with mottled slates horizontal inscribed board. Additionally, the eye-catching sophisticated relief is carved on the horizontal tablet of the interior eave and the supporting arch of the exterior eave.

Ancient alleys and ancestral halls, as well as a number of straggling merchants’ houses, dwellings and temples, such historic buildings still retain the features of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Throughout the past millennium, every flagstone tells the wasted years and each “pure land” witnesses the leisurely time. In an old street recording a town’s vicissitudes, you can drink a cup of fragrant tea to taste life.

An ancient town is also a mirror of the transformation and development during the 40 years of reform and opening-up.

Ciqikou Memorial Archway

As a landmark, the archway witnessed the vicissitudes and historical changes of Ciqikou Ancient Town.


Ciqikou Memorial Archway in 2000


Memorial Archway in 2005


Ciqikou Memorial Archway in 2009

Ciqikou Dock

Formerly known as “North Gate of Old Chongqing”, it had served as a land-and-water commercial dock due to its advantageous location along the Jialing River. Moreover, the last years of the Qing dynasty saw its prime. Now it plays a key role in the tourism of the town.

Ciqikou Dock in 1990s

Ciqikou Dock in 1990s

Longyin Dock around 2000

Longyin Dock around 2000


Longyin-Dock-in-2007 (Photo by Liu Chaoheng)

“Night Watchman” Intersection

Situated in front of Baolun Temple, it is the last intersection towards the waterfront. In 2009, the statue of a charmingly naive “night watchman” was built there. Ciqikou Ancient Town has always been a commercial hub. In addtion, the relocation of the dock in 1958 resulted in a progressive decline of the town. But the past bustling town had once again come back since the establishment of the scenic area in 1998.

“Night Watchman” Intersection in 1993

“Night Watchman” Intersection in 1993 (Photo by Peng Shiliang)

“Night Watchman” Intersection in 2017

“Night Watchman” Intersection in 2017 (Photo by Peng Shiliang)

Cizheng Street

As a major street in the town, this street has received a growing number of pedestrians, reflecting the increasing prosperity of Ciqikou Ancient Town.


Cizheng Street in 2007 (Photo by Pu Jianfeng)


Cizheng Street in 2017 (Photo by Peng Jianfeng)

Baoshangong Building

The building of Baoshangong was a Daoist temple in the Qing dynasty. During more than 200 years of development from an educational museum, a ceramic pavilion to today’s experience hall for tea culture, this temple has witnessed the diversified cultural development of Ciqikou Ancient Town.

Baoshangong Education Museum in 1990s

Boshangong ceramic pavilion in 2000

Baoshangong experience hall for tea culture

Baoshangong experience hall for tea culture

Gaoshikan (a stone walkway)

It is the most representative pathway with the characteristic of the Mountain City. In spite of years of changes in people, things and environments, the stone steps and feelings have still remained the same.

Gaoshikan in 1990s

Gaoshikan today

Jusenmao Street

“Jusenmao”, with a time-honored history, was the name of a soy sauce shop. Moreover, it is a featured creative street that has gathered numerous folk snacks and a variety of traditional handicrafts.


Jusenmao Street in 2000 (Photo by Pu Jianfeng)

Jusenmao Street today (Photo by Pu Jianfeng)

Ciheng Street

It is the most distinctive street in Ciqikou Ancient Town. Though weathered and broken before 2012, it seemed to be reborn after that year.

Ciheng Street in 2005 (Photo by Sun Xu)

Ciheng Street today

The past scenes of life in Ciqikou Ancient Town

Spring outing 

Photo by Sun Xu in 1986

Stilted houses

Photo by Sun Xu in 1986

Dragon Dance in the Old Street, a folk custom

Dragon Dance in the Old Street, a folk custom, (Photo by Wen Wanli)

Transformation of Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou Ancient Town, relying on its outstanding national and regional characteristics, attracts more than 10 million scholars, experts and tourists from home and abroad to visit and travel each year. Additionally, it has become one of the most popular scenic areas in Chongqing.

The town is striving to develop into a national brand, a calling-card of Chongqing, as well as a window of Shapingba District for opening-up. Furthermore, it is taking an active part in the construction of “Shaci Culture Industrial Park”.

Centered on the town, this park spreads along Binjiang Road. Moreover, starting from Tuwan Dishui (Dripping) Additionally, rock in the south, north to the ruins of Special Steel Factory, east to the Jialing River and west to the Martyrs Cemetery,  it covers an area of four square kilometers. The project will be promoted through unified programming and design, as well as planning and packaging.

By building the culture industrial park, Shapingba District will take full advantage of the cultural resources, so as to improve its industrial pattern and achieve a new pattern of economic growth.

Source: CQCB


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