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As a Symbol Here, "Chongqing Lights" Will Become a World-Class Brand


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

On December 27, the 2018 Chongqing Urban Comprehensive Management Conference kicked off. Meanwhile, it officially released and implemented the Improvement Action Plan for Chongqing Urban Comprehensive Management (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan).

Tourists are taking pictures of the amazing night view in Chongqing, China. (Photo by Liu Li)

Urban Space Management for Creating an Orderly Urban Space

The Action Plan proposed to strengthen the decoration and beautification of building facades visible within the scopes. More specifically, they focus on places close to the streets and rivers, hot scenic spots, and important sight corridors.

In the aspect of urban pipeline reconstruction, Chongqing will work out the underground planning of overhead lines. The city selects the reconstruction scope according to the actual situation. Moreover, Chongqing strives to complete the reconstruction in the main urban area within 5 years.

The Action Plan also plans to control and standardize outdoor advertising in the main urban areas. Moreover, Chongqing will focus on the improvement of illegal outdoor advertisements and signs in the main urban areas. It contains the “Two Rivers and Four Riversides” (part areas of the Yangtze River and Jialing River). In the meantime, the main and secondary roads and window areas, where public institutions live are included.

By 2022, Chongqing will realize planning and control, as well as standardized settings of outdoor advertisements and signs here. Besides, the relevant department will remove most of the illegal advertisements and signs. In the meanwhile, 98% of them will meet the specification, thus making the urban space seem wider.

More Than 30 Million Square Meters of New Urban Green Space

By 2022, there will be a new urban green area covering more than 30 million km2 in the downtown. Moreover, Chongqing will also rebuild 300 new community (recreational) parks and sports and cultural parks, as well as a number of urban comprehensive parks, specialized parks, urban ecological parks, and urban wetland parks. Therefore, it will form an urban greening network with a balanced layout, the combination of point, line, and surface, and the integration of the city with green.

By 2022, the green space rate in the main built-up areas will reach 40%. Meanwhile, the green coverage rate will reach over 45%. It will realize the goal of  “seeing the green through windows, seeing scenery through the door and seeing flowers in all seasons”.

Beautification of City Lights for Creating Delicate Night Lights

As for the night lights, Chongqing will highlight the four elements of “mountain, water, city, and bridge”. Moreover, it will strive to earn the titles such as “the three-dimensional mountain city”, “the riverside city with lights and shadows” and “the city with charming bridges”.

It will designs a delicate lights show with distinctive features and strong appeal, in the intersection area of the Yangtze River and Jialing River. Besides, it will focus on Chaotianmen Square, the Jiangbeizui Central Business District, and other commercial areas. Additionally, it can demonstrate the majesty of the mountains, the delicacy of the rivers and the beauty of humanism.

Chongqing will also improve the construction and management level of decorative lighting for the Spring Festival, create wonderful urban night tourism routes, plan and launch the routes of the mountaintop landscapes such as the Liangjiang Pavilion of E’ling Park, the Yikeshu Lookout Point of Nanshan Mountain and the Hong’en Pavilion of Hong’ensi Park, as well as the routes of the riverbank landscapes such as Chaotianmen Square, Yanyu Park, Chongqing Grand Theater and the variable routes of night tour in the intersection area of the Two Rivers (the Yangtze River and Jialing River).

By 2022, “Chongqing lights” will become an influential city-themed brand and become a “domestic first-class and internationally renowned” night scene of the city.

Source: CQCB


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