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How JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing Celebrate Christmas


By Xinyi Li, video by Deng Zhang, iChongqing 

JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing locates in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, which is at the central downtown of this city. It offers a comfortable and home-like hotel environment to guests. As a luxury hotel in this city, JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing celebrates the traditional western festival every year. Additionally, for the Christmas Eve this year, JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing celebrated the festival with seafood buffets.

The Story Behind the Christmas Eve Dinner of JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing

To dress up the Christmas this year, the hotel integrates characteristics of Chongqing and romance of the western countries. Meanwhile, JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing regards romance as an important element during the western festival. The hotel dressed up the dining hall and tables with small but delicate decorations. For example, there were little Christmas trees on the table, as well as bowknots and small bells hung there. Moreover, there were small gifts for each table on Christmas Eve.

For this year, staffs of the hotel prepared the Christmas for a whole afternoon. Except for decorating the environment, they also prepared the food ingredients for the Christmas dinner. Staffs of the food and beverage department of the hotel began the preparation from 1 o’clock in the afternoon. In the meantime, the time for guests was 17:30.

Although it is Christmas from the western countries, JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing still combines some local flavor with it. For instance, there were xiao mian, hot pot, roast ducks, and so on. Furthermore, to cater to the taste of Chinese, especially Chongqing, the hotel integrates some spicy flavor with their dishes. In addition, they cooked seafood with chilies, green onions, and gingers.

Also, other hotels had their events for the Christmas, even for the new year, such as Regent Chongqing. On Christmas Eve, Regent Chongqing at Jiangbeizui Central Business District of downtown Chongqing has prepared delicate desserts, delicious buffet, and wonderful performance.

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