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International Students Celebrated the New Year with Their Native Languages


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

There are many items, which can represent the new year here in China. More specifically, the color of red can best represent the coming year.

There are lanterns and streamers in the Chongqing University of Technology with pleasures. The university offered many relevant events, such as arrows throwing, facial makeup painting, and so on. Moreover, exhibitions for poem calligraphies and paintings attracted international students there. In addition, these international students stayed in Chongqing to spend time for 2019, feeling a different culture.


International students were writing “Happy New Year” with their native language

Some students from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and so on, wrote down “Happy New Year” with their native language. They used Chinese brush pens to write on the red rice paper, which belongs to traditional Chinese culture. Meanwhile, they used this way to present their best wishes to Chongqing, China.


The Thailand language

“I am so happy to take part in the new year event here in my university. Also, it is so unique to use Chinses brush pens and red rice paper! It is different from my country.” Said Zheng Shixian from Vietnam. “This leads a cultural communication collision.” In the meantime, he met many friends, who love traditional Chinese culture at the Chongqing University of Technology. Moreover, they taught him some traditional Chinese events, like calligraphy, paper-cuttings, Chinese knots, and so on.


The Bengali language

“I was totally attracted by the interesting culture now! I wish all you a happy New Year here!” Said Zheng Shixian.


The Japanese language

Source: CQCB


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