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31 Award-Winning Pictures Memorialize the Best of Times

By YULING CHEN|Jan 10,2019

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

On the afternoon of January 7, the photography competition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up concluded successfully.

Chongqing Daily News Group, Chongqing Morning News and Chongqing Photojournalist Society were organizers, and Chongqing Photographers Association was the supporter. The theme of the competition was “Magnificent Eastern Power, Inspiring New Era”. Experts of the Organizing Committee selected 31 award-winning works.

Experts of the Organizing Committee are selecting award-winning works.

Since opening on November 5, 2018, the competition has received over 3,000 works. And only 100 of them were qualified to compete for the 36 awards after the primary election.  Just have a glimpse of the first and second prize works.

One First Prize (Gold Award) Winner

Stories behind “Household Responsibility System” (Photo Series)  Zhou Xuanqin and Fan Qiang

Five Second Prize (Silver Award) Winners

Heroic Bearing of Female Train Attendants on Chongqing Passenger Transport Section (contrast photos)  Cao Ning

 Changes from the Past (Photo Series)  Liang Longxin


Beautiful Chongqing (Photo Series)  Quan Yuxi

Flavor in Change—A History of Rural Banquet (Photo Series)  Zhang Yaping

Morning of Chongqing Tang Anbing


Source: CQCB


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New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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