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A Sea of Lights Brighten up the Mountain City Chongqing


By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Citizens have recently discovered that Chongqing has lit up the decorative lights in Jiefangbei, Guanyinqiao, and Nanping. And it has also completed the installation of lights on Airport Expressway and Yuzhou Road. Decorated with various lanterns, the night of Chongqing looks bright and beautiful. Some citizens stop to take photos, while others stroll to enjoy the lights. What a festive scene!

Beibin Road in Chongqing, China (Photo by Long Fan)

 welcoming the Spring Festival

According to Chongqing Municipal Urban Management Bureau, downtown Chongqing will improve its lighting quality in 2019. It will take “A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision” and “Appealing to People Far and Wide” as themes. Moreover, Chongqing plans to build a brand of “Chongqing Lights”, to attract more foreigners and locals in holidays. At present, it has finished over half of the installation of these lights.

Nanbin Road in downtown Chongqing, China (Photo by Zhong Zhibing)

history, tradition, culture, and creation

The lights for welcoming the Spring Festival of 2019 have also integrated with many elements of science, technology, and wisdom. It emphasizes the combination of history, tradition, culture, and creation with lights and shadows. And it hopes to show the charm of the land of natural beauty and cultural appeal through various technological means.

The mother and her child are taking selfies at Guanyinqiao in downtown Chongqing (Photo by Long Fan)

 “Two Rivers and Four Riversides”

When it comes to Chongqing’s decorative lighting, it is easy to visualize the sparkling “Two Rivers and Four Riversides”. It is a landscape belt covering the Jialing River and the Yangtze River, along with their waterfronts. Centered on “mountain, water, city, and bridge”, the lights here become a highlight of Chongqing for the 2019 Spring Festival.

Jiaochangkou (Photo by Wei Zhongyuan)

Chongqing Municipal Urban Management Bureau introduces Chongqing will complete the light installation by the end of this month. Themed with “Spring Festival · Falling in Love with Chongqing”, it will issue specific routes of light viewing and sightseeing. Therefore, tourists can experience Chongqing’s natural beauty, history and culture, riverside scenery, and Two-River cruise.

Bank of the Jialing River (Photo by Luo Bin)

Source: CQCB


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