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New Opening-up Blueprint: 14 International Freight Routes Connecting Chongqing to the World

By YULING CHEN|Jan 11,2019

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

With imported seafood served in less than a day, food “Made in Chongqing” can appear quickly on the tables worldwide. Such rapid logistics transportation benefits from the sharply increased air logistics capability of Chongqing.


An airplane takes off from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport in Yubei District, Chongqing, China.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (hereinafter referred to as the airport) has opened a complete network of freight routes. It covers destinations in regions such as Europe, North America, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. And this network has played a positive role in boosting the industrial restructuring and socio-economic development of Chongqing. The airport will focus more on aviation logistics in the future. It aims to accelerate the construction of Chongqing to be an inland international logistics hub and a port highland. In the meantime, it also strives to facilitate Chongqing to develop into a pioneer of opening-up in China’s hinterland.

14 available international (regional) freight routes

“What impressed me most is the weekly growing flights of international lines.”

Shi Lei serves as Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Huamao International Logistics Co., Ltd. He introduces the company mainly engages in the transportation of notebook exports. The increasing routes covering Europe and America have further enhanced the international shipping capacity.

The airport has set up a complete network composed of 14 international (regional) freight routes. The destinations cover cities such as Amsterdam, Liège, Bangkok, Frankfurt and Almaty. With the gradual improvement, it has also advanced Chongqing’s industrial restructuring and socio-economic development. A large number of internationally renowned IT enterprises, such as HP and Acer, have settled down in Chongqing. Furthermore, the international cargo throughput of Chongqing has ranked first in West China for consecutive years.

Fresh food within an hour

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport recently saw the arrival of a flight departing from Bangkok, Thailand.

The fresh white shrimps were also “passengers” in this flight. Chongqing Feiluosite Trading Co., Ltd. is the receiver of the fresh goods. The company’s customs declarer spent less than an hour receiving these shrimps via the “Green Channel” for international goods. This means that this batch is served for Chongqing’s citizens within one day.

In early 2018, the airport, cooperating with institutions like the customs at the airport, achieved “24-7 service” for customs clearance of international goods. Then last April, it issued new freight guaranteed standards and service specifications. Moreover, the airport has launched the “Green Channel” for entrance/exit of fresh perishables as well as emergency and special goods. Therefore, the former is accessible within 60 minutes after the cargo door is opened.

41 all-cargo flights

The airport’s annual growth rate of international (regional) tourists reached 35.3% in 2011-2017, and that of freight achieved 18.4%. In 2010, it handled up to 196,000 tons of cargo, yet the international cargo throughput was less than 10,000 tons. The cargo throughput in 2014 was up to 300,000 tons. And the year of 2017 saw a cargo throughput of 367,000 tons, including 133,000 tons of international (regional) cargo.

The airport has introduced 12 cargo airlines, to continue expanding the main operators of aviation logistics. Depending on such companies as Qantas Airways, Cathay Pacific, and AirBridgeCargo Airlines, there are 41 flights on average each week.

It has also attracted over 70 logistics enterprises like Sinotrans and Changan Minsheng Logistics Company to carry out business. Additionally, it has supported SF Express to build the only regional transit depot in Chongqing.

The airport is taking an active part in the promotion of multimodal transportation. Based on air-road (flights + trucks) transportation, it will boost rail-air intermodal transport of “China Railway Express (Chongqing) + airlines”. In this way, the airport aims to further strengthen connectivity and coordinated development between air transport and other means.

Source: CQCB


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