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Hand-knitted Sweaters Warm Kids in Mountains


A volunteer is putting on a chill-proof hat to a child.

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Wanzhou District, Chongqing – The warmth of humanity can keep the cold out in winter. On January 8, Longju Town, Wanzhou District, witnessed the  “Warm Sweaters in Winter” Volunteer Action.

The volunteering has brought chill-proof knitwear to the children at Ganchang Central Primary School. What’s more, the supports will keep the children in mountain areas from coldness in the whole winter.


2,000 pieces of warm-keeping knitwear

The volunteering action donated 200 sets of hat, scarf and gloves.

More than 2,000 pieces of warm-keeping knitwear arrived at the Ganchang Central Primary School in Longju Town. Therefore, the collective compassion of volunteers became a shield for children to defend themselves from the cold wind.

“Thank you for caring and helping the left-behind children in the mountain areas,” said Wu Jiu’an, Principal of the school. “Besides, the knitwear represents the care from good-hearted people outside the mountains. Also, this invaluable affection will drive the aloneness away from children.”


139,000 registered volunteers

Two children are kissing a volunteer to express their gratitude.

At 5:00 a.m., January 8, Chen Ling, a 56-year-old resident of Huaxi Street in Banan District, got up early. As the representative of the volunteers, she had to catch the first bullet train to Wanzhou. Her mission was to send the knitwear prepared by volunteers for many days to the children.

“Crochet, very popular this year, is suitable for girls.” “With gray woolen yarn, we have knitted the boys’ clothes in slightly large size for the sake of durability.” The volunteers got together, keeping knitting without a break and sharing their knitting skills.

Banan District has 139,000 registered volunteers, to bring warmth to the children in the mountain areas.


Six years of perseverance

Volunteers are giving gifts to children at the school.

“We gather together because of love, and warm ourselves first before warming others,” said Xu Tiantian. She is the first member of this volunteer group. She was studying at Chongqing University when she participated in the first session six years ago.

Like Xu Tiantian, her company has also been committed to the Volunteer Action since 2012. More than 380 volunteers have been delivering love to left-behind children and lonely seniors in schools, communities, and nursing homes. 

Moreover, the volunteers have also held group birthday parties for children and carried out popular science lectures for villagers.

Source: CQCB



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