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Peppa Pig Touched People While the Lunar New Year Comes


By Yuling Chen, iChongqing News

Chongqing-The upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year is the Year of Pig, the last one of the twelve zodiac signs.

Recently, a pig from the U.K. goes viral on China’s social media platforms. Why? It is all about  Peppa Pig and a promo video about it. The six-minute promo video for the upcoming film “Peppa Pig Celebrates Chinese New Year”  has touched many netizens’ hearts just because of the simple question: what is Peppa Pig. Having known that his Grandson living afar wants a Peiqi (Peppa Pig in Chinese) as the New Year gift, the Grandfather has no idea about the icon and desperately seeks for the answer. Again and again, the Grandfather asks other people… In fact, it does not matter he knowing Peppa Pig or not. However, all behind the searching is love, a love from the older generation to the younger one, and the aspiration for the family reunion.

The Grandfather offers his version of Peppa Pig for his grandson. (Photo from the People’s Daily)

According to the Chinese tradition, the Spring Festival represent the most important celebration for family reunions. Immersed in the festive atmosphere, you will find pig elements are everywhere.

Lighting decoration

When night falls, the mountain city of Chongqing in Southwest China turns itself into a colorful world due to its lighting decoration. Office buildings, shopping malls, and walking trails are like attractive ladies displaying their charms.  Red lanterns and star-shaped lights work as routine ornaments, but the lighting decoration of pig stands out. 

Lighting decoration of pig in Chongqing, China (Photo by Li Hua)

Special zodiac stamps

China Post issued the first round of special zodiac stamps from the Year of Monkey in 1980. Moreover, this year marks the fourth year of the fourth round, which attaches great importance to the notion of family. Every issuance of the special zodiac stamps is eye-catching for the collection value. On January 5, 2019, China Post issued a set of special zodiac stamps in celebration of 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year or the Year of the Pig.

China Post issues a set of special zodiac stamps for the Year of the Pig on January 5, 2019. (Photo by Li Rongxin)

In addition,  the United Nations Postal Administration issued a specially personalized stamp sheet featuring the Year of the Pig on January 11, 2019. 

In fact, sending your New Year wishes by a postcard with the special zodiac stamp is arguably a special gift for your friends afar.

Handicraft works

The pig serves as a vivid design element for craftsmanship and creators are smart enough to incorporate it into their works. For example, clay pig is one representative. Craftsmen expressing their New Year wishes by adding one Chinese character, such as “fu” “福” standing for good fortune or “cai” “财” meaning wealth, is a common way in China. Moreover, the paper-cutting, painting, calendar, to name but a few, are easy to figure out that the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year is the Year of the Pig.

The creator is writing Chinese character “fu”, literally good fortune, on the clay pig. (Photo by Lin Haizhen)


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