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Two-Day Trip to Tour Urban Chongqing


By Xinyi Li, iChongqing

Chongqing – Chongqing is a multi-dimensional city with different aspects, attracting people from all over the world. Undoubtedly, this travel guide will help the traveler who wants to explore the charming city in two days, especially those fascinated by the Chinese culture.

Day one: tour the commercial center of urban Chongqing

The urban Chongqing integrates culture and commerce together, especially in Yuzhong District. Meanwhile, there are many other spots for visitors to learn about the city. To get a general impression here, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum is a good beginning to tour the city, and also good for the morning.

Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum

Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing (Chongqing Museum) was founded in 1951 as Southwest Museum. Moreover, it was renamed in June 1955 as Chongqing Museum, and again in September 2000 as China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing (Chongqing Museum) with the permission of the General Office of the State Council of China. 


The Three Gorges Museum

Address: 236 Renmin Road, Da XiGou, Yuzhong District

Transportation: CRT Line 3 to Niu Jiaotuo Station

Open hours: 9:00-17:00(Closed on Monday)

Price: Free

After having an overall impression of Chongqing, you can have lunch near the museum. In order to experience the local life in Chongqing, you can find a xiao mian (Chongqing noodles) restaurant near there. In the afternoon, Huguang Guild Hall of Chongqing is suitable for you to experience the intangible cultural heritage of Chongqing.

Huguang Guild Hall of Chongqing

Chongqing is a city of immigrants, there was large-scale immigration in the seventeenth century came to Chongqing. Additionally, Huguang Guild Hall of Chongqing is a gathering place for immigrants from 8 provinces in China. Obviously, the decoration style of the building has features of the Ming Dynasty, for business and entertainment. Huguang-Guild-Hall-of-Chongqing

The opera stage of Huguang Guild Hall of Chongqing

Address: Changjiang Binjiang Road, Yuzhong District

Transportation: CRT line 6 or line 1 to Xiaoshizi Station, and then walk there. Take bus NO. 120 to Wanglong Men Station.

Open hours: 8:30-18:00

Price: RMB 30/person

In addition, there are Sichuan Opera in the Huguang Guild Hall of Chongqing at 15:30 each day.  After the opera, you can go to the most famous buildings in Chongqing- Hongya Dong, a place to relax, eat and explore the tradition of Chongqing. Hongya Dong is also a must go place to feel the stilted and antique buildings, hidden in urban Chongqing. 

Hongya Dong

Chongqing is famous for stereoscopic landscapes, which is unusual in other cities. It is one of the representative urban tourist areas with three-dimensional (3D) landscapes. Meanwhile,  stilted buildings and imitation antique buildings belong to the major landscapes at Hongya Dong. Additionally, many people said that it had the silhouette of the Spirited Away, from Miyazaki Hayao, especially at night. 


Hongyadong has the silhouette of the Spirited Away, from Miyazaki Hayao

Address: Cangbai Road, Yuzhong District

Transportation: CRT line 1 or 6 to Xiaoshizi Station, or CRT line 2 to Linjiangmen Station. Take bus NO. 111, 112, 114 to Hongyadong Station or take NO. 105 to Xiaoshizi Station.

Open hours: all day

Price: Free

When the night falls, the perfect day ends. You can choose a hotel near Hongya Dong, enjoying the riverside night skyline of the city.

Day two: visit the historical and cultural areas of urban Chongqing

For the second day, we will continue to explore Chongqing, the ancient city. In the morning, Chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum is a good way to learn the important history of the war in Chongqing.

Chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum

Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial Museum located at the bank of the Jialing River. In the meanwhile, the place used to be the southern bases for CPC Central Committee during the war of resistance. The museum dedicated to Hongyan revolutionary culture heritages protection, revolutionary culture resource study, Hongyan Spirit exploration, and revolutionary history and scientific cultural knowledge dissemination.


Chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum

Address: No. 52, Hongyan Village, Yuzhong District

Transportation: take bus NO. 261/318/219/802/501/262/215/210 to Hongyan Village

Open hours: 9:00-17:00(Not admission later than 16:00)

Price: Free

The museum visits will take a half day, after that, take a hot pot is a good way to enjoy the most famous local food. You can find hot pot in every corner of the city. So find one old hot pot restaurant near the museum won’t be a trouble. After launch, it’s strongly suggested for you to visit the Ciqikou Ancient Town. In fact, it is a good choice to experience Bayu Culture (also known as Chongqing Culture).

Chongqing Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou is an ancient village set on the side of the Jialing River. It is indeed one of the two rivers that run through the heart of Chongqing. The village was first known as Baiyan Courtyard during the Song dynasty (approximately 700 years ago) where an emperor lived in seclusion. Later on, the village named as Longyin town that indicates the dragon (refers to the Jianwen Emperor) lives in seclusion.

Ciqikou town


Address: Ciqikou Street, Shapingba District

Transportation: take CRT line 1 to Ciqikou Station. Take bus NO. 220/843/202/237 to Ciqikou Station, or take bus NO. 234/467/805 to Tongjiaqiao Station, and then walk there.

Open hours: all day

Price: Free

Furthermore, unique Chongqing food is everywhere in the ancient town. Visitors can have dinner there inside the old town. Of course, Street Cuisine of Chongqing is on the must-eat list. In conclusion, you can choose one hotel or homestay inside the ancient town there, experiencing the antique atmosphere of Chongqing.


A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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