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Chinese New Year: Sparkling Lights Illuminating Chongqing


The sparkling light has illuminated Chongqing during Chinese New Year.

By Keqiao Cheng, Yiling Wang, EDITORS

Chongqing – “It is so fantastic to watch so many stars and the moon hanging there.” “These red lanterns are like tomatoes, aren’t they?” “Wow, there is a pink star tunnel! Come on! Let’s go and make a wish!”…

Visitors are taking photos with the sign of 2019.

Lights for the Chinese New Year have covered every corner of Chongqing. Traditional lights, integrating with 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and modern plastic arts, create a happy, peaceful, warm and beautiful environment. They also play a role as the bridge, taking citizens to the magnificent fairyland. Although the Chinese New Year 2019 is still on its way, Chongqing in the evening has been permeated with a jubilant atmosphere.

Year of the Pig

In China, lights for Spring Festival usually feature red and yellow. Also, lights like traditional palace lanterns use the element of the pig to celebrate the Year of Pig.

A New Year lantern featured with the element of the Year of the Pig.

Besides this, hanging decorations on roads are composed of lanterns in different styles. Meanwhile, these decorations are made of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly raw materials generally.

Lanterns shaped with a basket of flowers (left) and the Chinese character chun (meaning “spring”) (right).

When the night falls, lights shine in this mountainous metropolis. Varied lanterns and colorful lights dot the street trees. People fascinated by the sparkling scene take pictures there to record a precious moment for the New Year. At the same time, you can see metro trains running through the brilliantly illuminated streets, creating an amazing and harmonious picture.

Where to catch the best moment?

Thanks to the city’s unique landform, taking Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT) trains have become a good choice for both photographers or visitors to take pictures of the sparkling lights.

Western elements can be also found here.

Here are some recommended places where you can take the best photos of the night scenery of the city.

(1) Chongqing Grand Theater (CRT L6 Grand Theater Station)

Reason for recommendation: Here you can take the Grand Theater Station, Qiansimen Bridge and Hongyadong in the same picture.

(2) Longmenhao Old Street (CRT L6 & Loop Shangxinjie Station)

Reason for recommendation: The train is just 20 meters away from the shooting place.

(3) Shiziping (CRT L3 Shiziping Station)

Reasons for recommendation: The train will run a 90-degree turn here. And rails and buildings harmoniously co-exist at the place.

(4) Huanghuayuan (CRT L2 Huanghuayuan Station)

Reason for recommendation: Photographers can take pictures of Huanghuayuan Bridge, Jiangbeizui CBD, and Binjiang Road.

Source: CQCB



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