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Experience Chinese Lunar New Year Beyond China Town


By Xiao Wu, Video by Yiling Wang, iChongqing

Less than half a month away from Chinese Lunar New Year, the celebrating atmosphere can already be felt all around.

Marco Bonaglia is doing Ph.D. in Chongqing University. At the approaching of Chinese New Year, he is selecting New Year gifts for his professors and classmates. In his words, he enjoyed the study and life in Chongqing a lot.

Marco has been long interested in Chinese culture. While he was in Italy, he already experienced Chinese Lunar New Year in China Town of Milan. But the authentic Lunar New Year Celebration atmosphere in Chongqing, China is still quite a different and surprising experience for him.

“Here is different, the energy is much stronger.” Said Marco excitingly. “All the students are looking forward to buying a ticket, especially for the bullet train to reach their families. All Chinese friends are going out buying gifts, presents for their relatives and friends” He described.

Marco also discovered the most interesting thing for him about the Lunar New Year in Chongqing, which he had never experienced before. What is it? Click the video to find out. 


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