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Foreign Teachers and Students Celebrating Chinese New Year


Photo of a boy in front of the spring couplets in the Chinese New Year fair, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Chongqing – As the Chinese New Year is drawing near, the Painting and Calligraphy Association of Sichuan International Studies University held a special activity. It invited 16 foreign teachers and a group of international students to write spring couplets.

Immersed in Chinese culture and tradition

In the beginning, the host introduced the relevant knowledge of China’s traditional calligraphy and paintings to the guests. Also, the participants enjoyed the dance and tea art performances provided by the club of Hanfu.

Tea art performance

After the culture presentation, Liang Shican, leader of the Association, wrote brush calligraphy of “Fu” (a Chinese character meaning blessing). Seeing his excellent work, the teachers on the site also wanted to try. Meanwhile, with the help of the Association members, they learned to write the couplets with the brush pen. And they also got a taste of China’s charming traditional culture of calligraphy and paintings.

A foreign teacher is learning to write the Chinese character of  Fu (meaning “blessing”).

The foreign teachers also shared their feelings about China’s calligraphy and traditional culture. For them, culture knows no borders. Besides this, all the wonderful cultures are worth shared inheritance and development. At last, the Association members sent their spring couplets and tea to the foreign teachers and students as the gifts.

Community fairs also kicked off

Meanwhile, each community of downtown Chongqing has seen the increasingly intense atmosphere of the coming Spring Festival.

People are making tangyuan at the fair.

January 17, a brand-new Community Fair kicked off in Renmin Village Community, Yuzhong District.

People were writing couplets, making tangyuan, playing kuaiban, and touching the Chinese character of “Fu”. The traditional Spring Festival customs are actually in their childhood memories. Moreover, nearly 300 neighbors attending the  Community Fair were happy in the new-year atmosphere and warmth.

In addition, the community also invited two calligraphers to write spring couplets to the neighbors for free. As pairs of couplets in red paper decorating the yard, people’s faces were overflow with enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, the activities were all interesting and exciting, attracting groups of neighbors.

Source: CQCB



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