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Chongqing Local New Year's Galas on the way

By YULING CHEN|Jan 22,2019

By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Chongqing-As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the world-famous CCTV New Year's Gala, or the Spring Festival Gala scheduled on New Year's Eve, February 4, 2019, is on the way.

In fact, before the national ceremonious event, many Chongqing-based companies and associations have their own New Year's galas. It is common that these performances present before the New Year's Eve, a time for families getting together to enjoy the gala presented by the Chinese state broadcaster.

Compared with the national event, the Spring Festival galas in Chongqing are more diversified. Local companies demonstrate their respective corporate cultures and employees' creativity and innovation.

Jinli-style dance (Photo from CQCB)


It is easy to see that every gala contains dancing. But the same performance form is full of different elements. Koi fish style dancing reflects the buzzword of "Jinli" ("锦鲤" in Chinese) in China last year. Koi fish means good luck and many business entities made it a meme by offering an incredible list of prizes and naming the winner as "Jinli". In addition, the hand shadow dance represents the creativity of ordinary workers.

Hand shadow dance (Photo from CQCB)

Costume show

Performances work as an effective way for colleagues to know other sides of their partners. Especially a costume show offers a good opportunity to tap others' potentials. Ketchup can be the make-up, and brooms turn out to be stage props. Seemingly introverted engineers open up in their costumes.

Change show (Photo from CQCB)

Special celebration

Apart from singing and dancing, innovative Chongqing locals have special ways to celebrate the New Year. For example, vehicle fans celebration the festival with tug-of-war. It is a competition not only between two groups of drivers but also between automobiles. Moreover, sports enthusiasts choose to run in honor of the upcoming New Year.

Vehicle tug-of-war (Photo by Li Bin)

They choose running as a way of New Year celebration. (Photo by Zhao Shuting)

Source: CQCB


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