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Two Sites in Chongqing Shortlisted for Preliminary Evaluation of China's Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2018


Walls and the central axis of Fanjiayan Yamen site

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Chongqing – A recent preliminary evaluation of China’s Top 10 New Archaeological Discoveries of 2018 was unveiled. Chongqing’s two archaeological sites were shortlisted for it. One is the Fanjiayan Yamen Site of the Southern Song Dynasty in Diaoyucheng, Hechuan District. The other is the Zinc-smelting Site of the Ming Dynasty in Zhongxian County.

The central yard of the Fanjiayan Yamen site

The former one is located in Diaoyucheng, with a total area of about 20,000 square meters. Archaeologists deem it home to the yamen of Hezhou (Ancient Hechuan) during the Mongol conquest of the Song dynasty. They also think it as the wartime command center of Diaoyucheng.

The fourth active archaeological excavation of the Fanjiayan site started in 2017 and ended in 2018. Its two well-made pools excavated have the function of water draining and storing and the extremely high aesthetic value. Abundant plant seeds and debris samples are floating in the pools. That provides a strong basis for the restoration of the vegetation in this place during the Song and the Yuan Dynasties.

The Zinc-smelting Site in Zhongxian County, Chongqing

The Zinc-smelting Site in Zhongxian County has proven to be the largest one of its kind in the Three Gorges area and even the whole country.

In total, there are 34 preliminary evaluation items and 20 will be voted into the final evaluation.

(photos courtesy to China Cultural Relics News)

Source: CQCB



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