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By Xinyi Li, iChongqing news

Chongqing – The press conference of Oriental Love International Half Marathon (abbreviated as Love-Themed Marathon below) kicked off on January 23. It is a competition of both half and short-range marathon, inviting couples and family run for love. At the conference, organizers indicated that Jiangjin District will launch the Love-Themed Marathon on April 21. In addition, participants can sign up online from now until April 7.


The press conference of Love-Themed Marathon

First love-themed marathon

Focusing “vitality of Jiangjin, the city of charm”, Jiangjin District holds a series of sports activities every year. Jiangjin Simian Mountain ECO-Pentathlon Challenge had taken place last September. The proportion of citizens, who take exercises frequently, reaches 43.78% of the entire people in Jiangjin District.

Meanwhile, Jiangjin District is not only a sea of the forest but also a place famous for its legend of love. There is a love story in contemporary Simian Mountain called “Love Steps to Heaven”—-a young man fell in love with a widow, which was shameful and not allowed at that time. Then the lovers went away and sheltered on the mountain, lived and raised their children there ever since. The husband, built miles of steps on the cliffs by hands, just for the passage of his wife down to the village to exchange some daily necessisities with their corns. Hence, Jiangjin is also known as “the shrine of love” in Chongqing.


Protagonists of the story of Love Steps to Heaven (photo credit to the Publicity Department of Jiangjin District)

Different from other competitions, Jiangjin District focuses on the love theme marathon in 2019. The distances of the half marathon are 21.0975km, along with the Yangtze River.

Moreover, there are different groups of stages for the competition – the individual, couple, and short-range marathon with five kilometers. It allows 10,000 participants to take part in the competition, in which there are 2,200 participants for individual groups while 800 participants for couple groups. Besides, there are 5,400 participants for individual groups of the short-range marathon, 800 participants for couple groups of the short-range marathon, and 800 participants for parent-child groups of the short-range marathon.


Wangxiangtai Waterfall with heart-shape (photo credit to the Publicity Department of Jiangjin District)

The online registration began on January 23, and the deadline will be April 7. Participants can visit the official website of the Love-Themed Marathon to sign up. In the meantime, participants can also follow the WeChat of Love-Themed Marathon (东方爱情马拉松) or Xuanbao Sports (炫豹体育) to register the competition.

A series of activities relevant

In addition to the Love-Themed Marathon, there are other activities about love theme will kick off in Jiangjin District. Before the Marathon, organizers invite the celebrity of long-distance running, giving training of marathon. In addition, 30 couples will be recruited to run for love on the Valentine’s Day (February 14), warming up for the Love-Themed Marathon.


Zhongshan Ancient Town down the Simian Mountain (photo credit to the Publicity Department of Jiangjin District)

Meanwhile, there will be a courtship wall on the day of the competition. Participants can express their love on the wall. Furthermore, there will be a cultural street on that day, like a carnival. Participants or visitors can buy some unique products, such as food with selenium, on the street.


1. The time of online registration began from January 23 to April 7;

2. Participants for the half marathon should be over 16 years old (born before April 21, 2003);

3. Participants for parent-child groups of the short-range marathon must include a guardian of over 20 years old (born before April 21, 1999) and a child or teenager of 3-15 years old (born between April 21, 2004, to April 20, 2016);

4. Participants under 18 years old should keep the statement from their guardians or statutory agents;

5. Participants over 65 years old should keep the statement from their guardians or statutory agents, as well as a health certification.

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