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Chinese New Year: Watch Out! Resurgence of Dinosaurs at Mexin Wine Town


The lighting decorations at Mexin Wine Town during the Chinese New Year

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Chongqing – With the approaching of the Spring Festival, Mexin Wine Town in Fuling District announced the opening of the First Spring Festival Temple Fair on January 25, 2019. Also, the temple fair will offer you ten themed activities with a Chinese New Year festive atmosphere.

This temple fair opens from January 25 to February 19. Moreover, the most eye-catching theme activity of Back to the Jurassic which turns the town into a large dinosaur-themed park. Such prehistoric giants as tyrannosaurus rexes, velociraptors, and triceratops with vivid roars and flexible movements that are lifelike under the lighting. It will take you back to the era of billions of years ago.

In addition to the dinosaur show in the daytime, you can also watch a fantastic lighting show at night. With exquisite decorations to match its landform features, the Mexin Wine Town will definitely bring you a visual feast.

Panorama of the Meixn Wine Town

Yang Xiaoyong, President Assistant of Mexin Group, introduced the temple fair to us. He said that the First Spring Festival Temple Fair had integrated traditional Chinese culture with Fuling’s local culture. It would pass the festive atmosphere by creating a boisterous Spring Festival fair with sugar-molded, folk handicrafts, and some trinkets. Moreover, the traditional delicacies from all over China will give you a wonderful experience.

Source: CQCB



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