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Four Bonded Logistic Centers in Chongqing


By Yuling Chen, EDITOR

Here are four bonded logistic centers in Chongqing, China.

Tuanjie Village Railway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

Tuanjie Village Railway Bonded Logistics Center

Located in western Chongqing, Tuanjie Village Railway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) was established in September 2007, with a planned area of 35.5 square kilometers. It is an inland bonded logistics park supported by the Tuanjie Village Railway Container Center Station and the Xinglongchang Extra Large Railway Marshalling Station. It is the starting station of the China Railway Express (Chongqing) to Europe and “Chongqing-Guizhou-Guangxi-Xinjiang” trade express as well as the location of the Chongqing Railway Port. It is an important part of the Chongqing Free Trade Zone, the railway logistics base, the national service standardization pilot park and the first batch of municipal key logistics parks. In addition, the Logistic Center has been awarded the title of National Demonstration Logistics Park. The park has realized a total amount of RMB 36.6 billion in fixed assets investment, attracting more than 1,500 enterprises. Besides, a total amount of 2.72 million containers were handled in the central station, and the accumulative transfer of vehicles in the marshaling station reached 270,000.

Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center

As the Chongqing highway logistics base, Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) was established in July 2009. It is the highway logistics base in the “Three Bases and Three Ports” plan that approved by the National Development and Reform
Commission. It’s positioned as a national highway logistics hub, the southern Chongqing commercial and trade logistics area, and the important node of the southbound logistics channel. It’s recognized as a key logistics park, a service trade characteristic industrial park and a modern logistics cluster demonstration zone in Chongqing. The planned area of the logistics base is about 30 square kilometers and it’s focusing on e-commerce, professional market, comprehensive modern logistics and international trade logistics. It is estimated that by 2020, the total investment will exceed RMB 50 billion, the annual revenue will be RMB 100 billion, and the annual tax revenue will be RMB 1.5 to 2 billion, offering jobs of 50,000 to 100,000.

Wanzhou Bonded Logistics Center (Type A)

Wanzhou Bonded Logistics Center

Wanzhou Bonded Logistics Center is located in the Tuokou new area, Jiangnan new district, with a total investment of more than RMB 50 million. The new warehouse is 12,000 square meters, and the cargo yard is 35,000 square meters. The bonded logistics center has 5 intelligent access ports, installed electronic gate release system, vehicle automatic identification system, document identification system, electronic scale, and video surveillance system respectively. Therefore, relevant data could be directly connected to the customs work system. At the edge of the Center, 3,000-square-meter fully enclosed metal fence, 110 pairs of video surveillance and infrared alarms are installed to monitor the entire area and cargo access in all respects. It mainly
engaged in bonded warehousing for import and export commodities. Wanzhou Bonded Logistics Center is the second A-type bonded logistics center approved by China. In 2017, 630 tons of goods have been imported or exported through the Center, with a value of RMB 1.36 million, including palm fiber, red wine, coconut shreds, maternal and child products.

 Guoyuan Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

It is expected Guoyuan Port will go totally automatic by 2019.

Chongqing Guoyuan Port 

As the largest railway, waterway and highway intermodal hub port in China, Guoyuan Port has superior location advantage and become a B-type bonded logistics center, which is mainly engaging in import bonded warehousing and bonded logistics business. The aim of the Center is to create an “inland logistics port” in line with the development of modern bonded logistics. At present, the Bonded Logistics Center has gathered automobile manufacturing, high-end equipment and modern service industries, including many automobile and high-end manufacturing companies.

Source: Chongqing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment


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