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Promoting Han Culture and Celebrating Chinese New Year


By Rui Hu, video by Xingchen Yue, iChongqing

Chongqing- On January 27th, 2019, Han Culture and Chinese New Year Celebration were held in Chongqing Huguang Guild Hall, the Yuwang Temple. This event has two major sections: the ancient market and the Han culture show.

the younger generation’s mission

The ancient market includes traditional handicrafts, traditional musical instruments, traditional costumes, traditional artworks and many other traditional cultural products. The Han culture show includes Hanfu representations, traditional operas, traditional martial arts performances and etc.

Huguang Hall Huguang Hall and the Dongshuimen Bridge

The participants are mostly youth; they wore the clothes in the Han style, they made the salute in the traditional style. It is not only an event but also a party for them to be together.

Young girl in cosume

Young girl in Han costume

Yaji: a way of the ancient party for youth

 “We also call it Yaji (a traditional party in an ancient way)”, said Bingyue Liu, the Executive Director of Chongqing National Studies and Communication Association, “Yaji was an occasion that people gather together to discuss literature in ancient time. The most famous Yaji in history should be Lantingji in Dongjin Dynasty (317-420 A.D). There is another way for the younger generation’s entertainment life, besides KTV or dinner parties, they have alternatives. In the atmosphere of traditional culture, young people can learn from each other, and communicate about the inheritance of traditional culture by holding the ancient market and the performance of Chinese culture.”

Han culture decore in Huguang Hall

Han culture decore in Huguang Hall

Yang Zhao, an organizer from Chongqing also suggested that his goal and mission on promoting the culture of Han. He indicated that he really loves Han culture, and he thought it will develop better in the future as the country has initiatives to promote traditional culture.  

girl in red custume Girl in red costumeGirls in Han culture costumes Girls in Han culture costumes[/caption]

Huguang Guild Hall was once a very important cultural exchange attraction in Chongqing. It also has cultural functions such as sacrificial ceremonies, celebrations, and business exchanges such as deliberation and business negotiations. Whether it is a nobleman or a pawn, you can find your spiritual home in Huguang Guild Hall. Now Huguang Guild Hall is gradually becoming a tourist’s destination.

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