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Chongqing Launches Construction of Diaoyu Fortress National Archaeological Site Park


The main gate of Diaoyu Fortress

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Chongqing – The Diaoyu Fortress National Archaeological Site Park is the only one of its kind Chongqing has ever seen. After the completion, citizens can get a close feeling of its profound history.

What is the value of building an archaeological site park? How can Chongqing promote the activation and utilization of cultural heritage?

Cultural heritage acts as the carrier of living history

Yuan Dongshan acts as an expert of Expert Database of National Key Cultural Relics, National Cultural Heritage Administration. Based on the archaeological excavation and activation and utilization of cultural heritages like the Diaoyu Fortress, he answered our questions.

First of all, cultural heritage is a unique and inestimable cultural resource. Also, its huge potential comprehensive benefits can transform into valuable wealth and inexhaustible driving force for urban cultural construction.

In addition, Yuan said that cultural heritage has many values in such areas as history, art, science and tourism. Therefore, for its intrinsic value as the representations of real history, we need to understand and protect cultural heritage. The cultural heritage was formed in the past, known by people at present, and it will benefit the future. It is living. Thus, we need to protect cultural heritage.

Diaoyu Fortress National Archaeological Site Park

So far, there are 36 national archaeological site parks and 67 national archaeological site park projects in China.

The maintained walls of Diaoyu Fortress

In 2013, the Diaoyu Fortress was listed in the second batch of National Archaeological Site Parks. It is also the only one of its kind in Chongqing now. Moreover, the archaeology of Diaoyu Fortress has won plenty of awards such as the Third Prize of Field Archaeology Award, which is the highest archaeology award in China.

After the Spring Festival of 2019, the Diaoyu Fortress National Archaeological Site Park will enter the formal construction stage. The construction period of this project will be two years. After the completion, the citizens can get a close feeling of the grandness of Diaoyu Fortress’s history.

Source: Chongqing Daily



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