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Chinese New Year: Feel Festival Vibes in Chongqing Expo Garden


2019 Spring Festival performances at the Expo Garden

By Keqiao Cheng, EDITOR

Chongqing – Do you know the traditional activities of the Spring Festival? They include pasting the spring couplets, touching the Chinese character “fu” (lit. blessing) on the doors and windows, etc.

Now, Chongqing Expo Garden will launch the New Year’s carnival activities. Moreover, the ticket price is only RMB 16.

Feast of folk customs

During this Spring Festival, the citizens can even enjoy the colorful Chinese ethnic cultures in Chongqing Expo Garden with no need of traveling.

The garden will hold activities from February 5th to 10th. Also, performers from other ethnic groups of China, such as the Dong people, the Manchu people and the Tibetan people, will gather here, singing and dancing with tourists for celebrating.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

 From the 5th to the 10th of February, it will also hold two grand “welcoming ceremonies” every day.

There’s another highlight from the February 4th to the 10th. Pasting the spring couplets, touching the Chinese character “fu”, rolling hoops, and kicking shuttlecocks may remind tourists of their childhood. The Expo Garden will hold these activities with New Year’s atmosphere at the Arts Plaza.

Meanwhile, costumes and props of the past styles are free for tourists to try on and take photos.

Festival vibes

There are always dancing lions and dragons on festive occasions. During this Spring Festival, professional teams of dancing lions and dragons will come here to perform.

The squares in Expo Garden will witness wonderful performances of “Dragons and Lions Celebrating the New Year”. Moreover, the annual “guessing lantern riddles” will kick off.

Flowers bloom together

Flower blossoms at the Expo Garden

The beautiful and elegant peony symbolizes good luck and fortune in Chinese culture. Chongqing Expo Garden has brought in 500 pots of peonies from Shandong for this Spring Festival. Thanks to physical and biological technologies, the flowers will be in bloom during the Spring Festival. They will glut the tourists’ eyes.

Large-scale pig-themed lighting sets for the New Year will stand at the main and the east gate of the park. The garden will also hang nearly 200 red lanterns and about ten thousand babysbreath light strips, presenting another beautiful scene.

Source: CQCB



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