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Mobile Payment Available on CRT in Chongqing This Year


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Recently, a netizen left a message through the Mayor’s Mailbox of Chongqing. The detail is the inconvenience of the current ticketing system for metro lines for passengers who are short of cash in pockets. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the mobile payment service.

In response, Chongqing Rail Transit (Group) Co., Ltd. replied through the Mayor’s Mailbox on February 18. Scanning QR codes via Alipay was available on Line 5 and Line 10 from December 28, 2018. Meanwhile, the same formula via Alipay and WeChat was available on loop lines and Line 4 from January 30 this year. Moreover, other payment methods will be successively introduced. In addition, they include the application of Bank of China and Cloud QuickPass by China UnionPay.


The CRT line 4, 5, 10, as well as loop lines, opened mobile payment, until now

The mobile payment will cover all lines this year

Mobile payment channels are unavailable on lines 1, 2 and 3. Moreover, the Group expressed its efforts in response to the situation. Synchronous transformation of software and hardware of mobile payment for other lines is in progress. Besides, it is hopeful to open mobile payment channels of other lines in the first half of this year.


The mobile payment will cover all CRT liens this year

Moreover, the Group has started the research on the direct pass through the turnstile via mobile phone. Its preliminary work has been implemented. Due to the heavy workload, the conventional method is scheduled to cover all the lines at the end of

The direct pass through the turnstile via mobile payment enables passengers to travel directly without buying tickets. Furthermore, the method effectively alleviates the problems of long queues for buying tickets and asking for change. It also improves the efficiency of entering and leaving stations and optimizes the passenger experience.

Source: CQCB


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