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Mikkel's Vlog : Exploring the Streets of Ciqikou


By Mikkel S Larsen

Chongqing- As a photographer living in Chongqing, one of my most recent goals was to capture a photo of the ancient town of Ciqikou at night. A goal that, a few days ago, I wanted to reach. So I packed up my gear, called up my friend Patrick and together, we went to explore Ciqikou and its streets, planning to do some photography and video recording during the day, and get that night-time photo in the evening after the sun came down.

Although in the end, I didn’t get the evening photo I wanted, I still got a chance to walk the streets of Ciqikou again, and Patrick and I had a great time filming the stalls, people and the atmosphere of this ancient town hidden in one of China’s largest cities. You can see so many things in Ciqikou, the ancient buildings, an old temple, shops that sell everything from food to tiny souvenirs. And best of all, Ciqikou is well connected and easy to get to.

The ancient town of Ciqikou will give you a feeling like no other in Chongqing. You are instantly transported back in time, and it feels like an entirely different place. As one of Chongqing’s most famous tourist attractions, you are sure to meet a lot of people on the main street, but the surroundings and the atmosphere, even when there are lots of people, make Ciqikou one of my favorite places in Chongqing to visit.

Follow along, as Patrick and I take you through the streets of the ancient town and show you the marvels hidden within shown through our own eyes and our own lenses.


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